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Yes, they do have a women's softball team.

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Q: Does Georgetown university have a softball team?
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Does pepperdine university have a softball team?

No they do not have a softball team at Pepperdine.

Does vanderbilt university have a softball team?


Does Syracuse university have a baseball team?

No, but they do have a softball team but no baseball team.

When was Georgetown College - Georgetown University - created?

Georgetown College - Georgetown University - was created in 1789.

What university had the best softball team?

ArizonaArizona all the way

The georgetown Hoya's season was cut short with a loss to what team?

Ohio University

Have the University of Wisconsin badgers softball team won a national championship?


When was Georgetown University created?

Georgetown University was created in 1634.

Does university of southern California have a softball team?

There is a NCAA Division I team located at UCLA. They are called the Bruins.

Where does Georgetown located?

Georgetown University is a private university located in Washington, D.C.

When was Georgetown University Hospital created?

Georgetown University Hospital was created in 1898.

When was Georgetown University Press created?

Georgetown University Press was created in 1964.