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Boyfriend?No, she does not.( that goes out with her for true love)

This is from A true Vermonter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even though she is gonna be a acholoic and do drugs and get pregant alot because shes like every other pop star spoiled lil brat!!!! I hate 'em. She already took "bad" pics of her self so she is not miture enof 2 be on diney!!!!! I mean whats next???? Being on TV so young is a bad thing!!!!!!!! She is a spoiled lil brat just like Brityspears and her lil sister because their parents can take control over the situation! all they want 2 do is be on TV and get fame, but if they've noticed their children r turining into ...... this is world widfe so i cant swear there might be lil kids. I wish parents could take control once in a while, with all the wars and drugs and murder i think its surprising that im still alive! i for one would like 2 inherit a clean world woth PEASE not this lil goofy thing! There are so many things that we need to fix like yellow stone, metiers (cant spell), earthqueks(...) and so much more! If we all just joined 2gether 2 work 2gether and use money for usefull things instead of war we could call everyone PLANET EARTH instead of haveing UNUNITED nations like USA (united states? we need a United world!) and Russia, Canada, China, Japan, we all just need 2 be called UNITED EARTH. Think about all the money and deaths that have happend in this war! There probably was someone whos really smart who was shot dead when we could have used his knowledge for finding a cure 2 the common cold or 2 diebedies, maby even hunger!!!! But instead it turned out 2 be a death which if u kill enof it might someday be u! Think about the second side of the story, im a USA kid(12)but i want pease, WHY WOULD TERRERISTS ATTACK OUR CONTRY IF WE HELPED THEM FOR ONCE!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY WOULD HAVE OUR BACK LIKE WE WOULD HAVE THEIRS!!! INSTEAD OF THE DEATH OF INISANT CHILDREN WHO HAD NOTHIN 2 DO WITH IT! I mean i didnt do anything, i still want 2 live my life like a normal kid. I still want my dad and my mom there. I don't want 2 here that across the world there is hunger and death, I WANT U 2 SHARE THE WORLD WITH ME!!! I don't want 2 c people out in the middle of the ocean drowning like the titanic. I don't want 2 here my freinds cry and die, i can hardly live with my freinds moving. But i must move on, i can do anything about it, who the heck would listen 2 a kid, I mean who would listen 2 a Vermonter. The Government doesnt even metion Vermonts opinion on anything. Government hardly mentions on and voting lists at all! i mean whos now gonna read this, its from a kid, a vermonter. U guys know the song one voise was heard??? well.... in this case no voise was heard. Please if anyone reads this please reconise this is from a 12 year old kid, how often do u here a kid swear??? like alot! u just don't here it, but its there! How often do u here a metior or a Volcanoe? u don't, but its there! How often do u here military tactics or baces??? U DONT BUT ITS THERE! Im a cristian, but im not gonna try 2 preach 2 u or anything, ot convert u or something like that, but GOD is there!

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Q: Does Hannah Montanna have a boyfriend?
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