Does Hashimoto's disease induce anemia or does anemia contribute to Hashimoto's disease?

There are different kinds or causes of anemia. What I've noticed about people with Hashimoto's, since it is an autoimmune condition, that they will develop antibodies to other tissues. This leads to a type of anemia that seems to come up quite often, that of a vitamin B12 deficiency anemia.
For these people I recommend taking a sublingual form of B12 which bypasses the stomach and enters the blood stream directly.
The problem is somehow related to a deficiency of Intrinsic Factor, produced by the stomach cells, which is like a carrier that pulls B12 from the intestines into the body. A lack of this Factor results in low B12 and anemia.
There is a product from Metagenics which has Intrinsic Factor mixed with B12 in a single tablet.
Dr. Alexander Haskell