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No, the other way around

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Q: Does Iceland's president have more power than Iceland's prime minister?
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Who has more power . vice president or prime minister?

The Prime Minister of Canada has more power than the president of United States.

which representative body of parliament has the most power?

the prime minister or president

Who is powerful president or prime minister?

Depends on the system of government. Some Presidential systems have a Prime Minister, but they will usually be an assistant and the President will have the most power. Some Parliamentary systems have a President, but they will usually be a figurehead, and the Prime Minister is responsible for running the government. Semi-Presidential systems generally have both, and the two have equal power.

Does the prime minister of Russia control Russia?

No, the Prime Minister of Russia is appointed and needs to report to the President. The Prime Minister's duties and responsibilities rest in the administrative side of the government. The Prime Minister does not have much say in decision making; the President and his cabinet hold most of that power. However, currently the Prime Minister (Vladimir Putin) is the head of the party in power even though he is not President. In this particular circumstance, he does have control of the nation, as he strongly influences the current President.

Why is Prime Minister more important than the President in India?

Because in parliamentary democracy executive power lies with the Prime Minister.

What type of goverement does France have?

France is a semi-presidential republic. It has a President and a Prime Minister that share power.

Does Madagascar have a prime minister or a president?

Madagascar has both a prime minister and a president.

Does Mauritania have a prime minister or a president?

Mauritania has both a Prime Minister and a President.

Who is the current governor of India?

Indian Government is headed by a Prime Minister. The supreme power is the President, but he has to get the concurrence from the Prime Minister & his cabinet of ministers.

Who is stronger prime minister or president?

prime minister

Who is a person who has complete power and authority over a country?

President or prime minister :)

Can Israelis vote for their President?

No. The President in Israel is an appointed position.However, the President of Israel is largely a ceremonial position. Political power is manifest in the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister is not elected to be the Prime Minister, but is the head of the party that receives the most or second-most amount of votes in the Knesset elections. This makes the Prime Minister more-or-less elected.