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yes ava

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What sport is Italy good at?


Why is basketball popular in Italy?

Because Italians love to play Basketball xD

What is the name of the Italian basketball team?


How many basketball teams does Italy have?


What do people do in Italy for hobbies?

they play soccer and basketball

What is the salary of pro basketball players in Italy?


What country is women basketball mostly played?


What two sports are most popular in Italy?

The two major sports in Italy are Football (soccer), and Basketball.

What city did Kobe Bryant live in Italy?

Rieti, Italy. He moved with his family there when his dad, Joe, got signed to the basketball team there.

Who won the silver medal in 2004 for basketball?

Men: Italy Women: Australia

What sports do they have in italy?

Soccer, basketball, volleyball, and many others. If they are in olympics for it, they probably play it.

How did Aeneas come to settle in Italy?

from the heavens above and down to earht where he was born by a goddess and a mortal man. he then fought in the Trojan war and all his followers went to Italy with him

What country are the Romans god from?

What was 'Rome' then, is Italy to us now. Thus, Italy and the surrounding area worshiped gods and goddess that would later become known as 'Roman'.

Did Kobe Bryants dad play basketball?

Yes Joe "Jelly bean" Bryant played in the NBA for a couple of years before playing basketball in Italy

What are Italian Sports?

The most popular sport in Italy is football (association football). Italy are the present world champions. Other sports popular in Italy are motor racing (especially F1), volleyball and basketball.

What are some sports played in Italy?

Basketball, Volleyball ,soccer ,water polo and ice hockey

What is the typical sports palyed in Italy?

Typical exercises in Italy aresoccer, volleyball, water polo, basketball, they also like playing fencing, ice hockey, & formula one racing.Those are typical exercises in Italy.

What are the 3 most popular sports in Italy?

Basketball, volleyball, and Cycling are the most popular sports in Itlay

Who won medals in Athens for the mens basketball?

Gold - Argentina Silver - Italy Bronze - United States

How much money do basketball players make in Italy?

Anywhere from $45,000 - $3 Million per year.

What type of sports does Italy have?

Soccer handball basketball water skiing snowboard ski and many more

Was Kobe Bryant dad a basketball player?

Yea his dad played in Italy which is where Kobe grew up

What are the top 10 sports in Italy?

Some popular sports in Italy are: 1.Football 2.Basketball 3.Rugby 4.Volleyball 5.Baseball 6. Socer

Who won the men's basketball bronze medal at the 2004 Summer Olympic games?

The USA men's basketball team won the bronze medal in 2004! Silver was Italy and gold was Argentina.

Does the Greek goddess Aphrodite have a temple?

In ancient Greece the goddess Aphrodite had many temples scattered over the city-states, even ones in Libya and Egypt, as well as Italy and France - her worship was widespread in ancient times.