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Q: Does Jason wahler smokes
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Who is Jason wahler?

Jason Wahler is an American actor. He is best known for his roles on Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County and The Hills.

Does Jason wahler smoke cigarettes?


Who is LaurenConrad dating?

Jason Wahler hes pretty cute

When was Jim Wahler born?

Jim Wahler was born on 1966-07-29.

Does Jason terry smoke or drink?

yes he smokes

What has the author Connie Wahler written?

Connie Wahler has written: 'Retinopathy' -- subject(s): Retinal Diseases

Who in Metro Station smokes?

Trace Cyrus smokes dicks Mason Musso smokes ass Anthony Improgo smokes, but he's quitting.

How many of America smokes?

20% of America smokes

Did Bruno Mars smokes again?

Yes, he smokes.

Who out of one direction smokes?

I know Zayn smokes

Does meg white smoke?

Smokes. And smokes a lot.

Does Peyton List smoke?

yes she smokes, anyways its ovalsly shown that she smokes pot and also her teeth are black. and i know that u dont see she smokes but she does smokes