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Does Jay Leno wear a wig?

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nope. it is all natural. it just looks fake.

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Does jay leno wear socks?


What brand of denim shirt does Jay Leno wear?


What is Jay Leno famous for?

Jay Leno is the host of NBC's "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno". He was also the host of "The Jay Leno Show".

How many children does Jay Leno have?

Jay Leno has no children.

Are California politician Mark Leno and TV host Jay Leno related?

No, Mark Leno and Jay Leno are not related.

How tall is Jay Leno?

Jay Leno is 5' 11" tall.

Who wrote - Leading With your Chin Jay Leno?

Jay Leno

When was Jay Leno born?

Jay Leno was born on April 28, 1950.

What is up with Jay Leno Hair color?

Does jay leno color his hair

What actors and actresses appeared in The Jay Leno Special - 1979?

The cast of The Jay Leno Special - 1979 includes: Jay Leno as himself

What wristwatch does Jay Leno wear?

Jaeger-LeCoultre rose gold Master Grand Réveil

What is the duration of The Jay Leno Show?

The duration of The Jay Leno Show is 3600.0 seconds.

Does Pat Sajak wear a wig?

no pat does not wear a wig

Does regis philbin wear a wig?

Does he wear a wig

When did The Jay Leno Show end?

The Jay Leno Show ended on 2010-02-09.

When was The Jay Leno Show created?

The Jay Leno Show was created on 2009-09-14.

Has Jay Leno ever lived in Illinois?

Jay Leno has performed in Illinois but not lived in Illinois.

Why is Jeff Zucker luring Jay Leno to CNN?

It is believed that Jeff Zucker is wanting to lure Jay Leno to CNN because he knows Jay Leno is a popular figure.

Do kids in pageants have to wear a wig?

No they don't always have to wear a wig

Why does Jessie j wear a wig?

Jessie J does not wear a wig.

What actors and actresses appeared in Jay Leno and the American Dream - 1986?

The cast of Jay Leno and the American Dream - 1986 includes: Jay Leno as himself Kevin Rooney

What is the birth name of Jay Leno?

Jay Leno's birth name is James Douglas Muir Leno.

What is the duration of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno?

The duration of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno is 1.03 hours.

Why does Jay Leno always wear a blue denim shirt when he's outside on his show?

He gave up on fashion

What is Jay Leno's real name?

jay leno