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they used to date but now John Cena has a wife and two daughters.

he has a wife he doesnt have children yet

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yes she did date him because maria likes him and she said he is strong

no she is not but john cena is hot for her

no. john cena does not have a daughter with maria. he is married...not to maria though:-)

youtube john cena and maria kiss

Yes Maria does like John Cena

No, they never dated in real life.

john cena is dating maria John Cena never dated Maria he dated Mickie James briefly

Maria Cena November 2009, Cena is not married to Maria, nor did they ever date. He is married to his high school sweetheart Liz. They were married July 11, 2009

yes he did............if you go on YOUTUBE.COM and type in john cena and maria and it will show you

No, John Cena is married.

John cena was with his girlfriend Maria

no, cena is a married man.

John Cena and Maria DO NOT have a child.

No, John Cena is married to Elizabeth Huberdeau.

John Cena and Maria vs Edge and Lita was the match that happend after And the year was 2006.

no maria goes out with john cena

July 24, 2008 No Cena and Maria never dated in real life.

No, Cena is married to another women

Maria Used To Go Out With Cena July 24, 2008 maria and Cena never dated in real life that was storyline only. He is currently dating Mickie James. July 24th, 2008 Actually Cena Did Date Maria, For Like A Week, It Was When They Had There Kiss Scene. July 24, 2008 No at the time the did the kiss scene he was still engaged to Liz and maria was dating CM Punk at the time. May 4, 2009 No John Cena didnt date Maria or Micky and is still engaged to Liz and Getting married this June

Yes they did date. They used to be a tag team and he saved her from Umaga and he kissed her before their match vs Edge and Lita.

because John cena kisses Y Maria and Kelly Kelly gets mad in John cena

i have heard a rumer that i think is real. a girl named maria likes john cena but nobody knows. unless you go to youtube, type in john cena and maria. i hope that video isn't removed....

yes their are in love because john cena and maria kissed each other because they have chemistery together theire

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