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Does Johnny Depp wear Tart Arnels or Moscot Lemtoshes?


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April 08, 2009 9:14AM

the answer to this question is Tart Arnel (1950's) as you know Johnny obtained these frames while he was filming the movie Secret Window back in 2003. Moscot made their copies in China recently. if you see both Tart and Moscot frames in person, the material,color and hinges are no way close to the original Tart Arnel vintage. Very correct, Moscot frames have mock trims, that is pins and diamonds etc. on the front & sides that are just 'stuck on'. Originals from 60s (like Tart Arnel) and before used rivets that secured the hinge plates. Modern heat sunken hinges have been around since mid 60s & now appear on nearly all mass produced eyewear. There are still a few frame makers who carry on using rivet hinges & original trims & one of these is a little known English manufactuer called Opera Opera. Their work can be seen at