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No Kate turns out dead if you choose revengeagainst Dimitri.

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Q: Does Kate and niko get married From gta 4?
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Can you get Married In Grand Theft Auto 4?

Niko Bellic does not get married in GTA IV. But his cousin Roman does.

Does niko get a manshion on gta 4?


Does Niko Bellic die from Gta 4?


Is it possible that you could get mallorie to date niko in gta 4?

No cuz she iz bout 2 get married to roman bellic

Who plays the character niko belic in gta 4?

Niko Bellic is voice acted. Niko Bellic is voiced by Michael Hollick.

Can niko be a firefighter in gta 4?

Nope. Just a cop.

Can Niko Bellic join the LCPD in Grand Theft Auto 4?

No, Niko Bellic cannot join the LCPD in Grand Theft Auto 4. Niko is a criminal seeking vengeance in the game, not a police officer. The game focuses on his life as a criminal, not as a law enforcement officer.

Can you improve Niko's strength in GTA4?

No, there is no character customization in GTA 4, so you cannot improve Niko Bellic's strength.

Can you marry kiki in gta 4?

Niko Bellic does not get married on GTA IV, but his cousin Roman does.There are no wedding bells for the main character, Niko Bellic, but there is a marriage in the game, between two of the other characters close to Niko.

Does cj die in gta4?

cj isn't even in gta 4.its niko

How do you marriage in gta vice city?

You don't get married in GTA 4. Depending on the ending you choose, the game can end with Roman married to Mallorie, but Niko does not marry anybody. You can choose to date several women in the game if you like, Kate being the most serious.

Can Niko smoke in GTA 4?

No.But you can pick up Cigrettes and through it at people!