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Yes, Keke Palmer is dating Rodney King.

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โˆ™ 2012-08-26 03:04:18
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Q: Does Keke Palmer have a boyfriend?
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Pics of keke palmer and her boyfriend?

Please check the related links section below for pictures of Keke Palmer and her boyfriend.

Is keke palmer dating Zac Efron?

No, she has openly talked about her boyfriend Rodney before. Google 'Keke Palmer boyfriend' :D

What is keke palmer boyfriend name?


Did keke palmer breakup with her boyfriend?


Who is Keke Palmer's boyfriend?

Rodney KingRodney KingRodney King

Does keke palmer she have a boyfriend?

Yes, she is dating Rodney King

Who is keke palmer x boyfriend?

Tyler James Williams

Do keke palmer got a boyfriend?

Yes, his name is Rodney King.

Dose keke palmer have a boyfriend?

Yes, his name is Rodney King.

Who is Keke Palmer's father?

Keke Palmer's father is Larry Palmer.

Who is Keke Palmer's father?

Keke Palmer's father is Larry Palmer.

How tall is Keke Palmer?

Keke Palmer is 5'6

Is Keke Palmer tall?

Keke Palmer is 5'6

Does keke palmer still live with her famliy?

no she does not she lives in apartmeant bulding with her boyfriend.

Does keke palmer have a boyfriend what's his name?

Yes, his name is Rodney King.

Did keke palmer have a baby?

Keke Palmer didn't have a baby

Is keke palmer Haitian?

Keke Palmer is African American.

What is the name of Keke Palmer's mother?

The name of Keke Palmer's mother is Sharon Palmer.

What is keke palmer msn?

keke palmer's msn

What is Keke Palmer's sister's name?

Keke Palmer has two sisters: Loreal Palmer and Lawrencia Palmer.

Is keke palmer dead?

No, Keke Palmer is very much alive!

Does Keke Palmer have a dog?

Yes, Keke Palmer does have a dog.

What is keke palmer's full name?

Lauren Keyana (Keke) Palmer

What is keke palmer career?

Keke Palmer is an Actress and singer.

Is keke palmer a famous mississippian?

No, Keke Palmer is from Illinois.