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Does King Kong have a son?

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no i don't think so

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King Kong ---- The Son of King Kong was released the same year

"King Kong" (1933). "King Kong" (1976). "King Kong Lives" (1986). "King Kong" (2005).

Yes.The original King Kong in 1933 produced a sequel titled Son of Kong released in the same year.The latest version of King Kong titled, Kong: Skull Island in 2017 also produced a sequel which will unite Kong w/ Godzilla titled [naturally] Godzilla vs Kong set for a 2020 release.

Does donky kong have a son

answer 1 king kong + bumblebee = king kong answer 2 bumblebee + king kong = bumblebee

no, donkey kong is a cartoon character from the Mario games. King kong is an ape in the movie King Kong.

In the 2005 version of King Kong, Andy Serkis plays Kong.

King Kong, I think.king kong king kong

The duration of The Son of Kong is 1.15 hours.

There have been certain rumours to suggest that King Kong will be made in to a trilogy. Some people say that Peter Jackson is looking into making a film (( released in 1933 first)) Labelled son of Kong. It is about Kong's son fighting the Nazi's (( I know, weird right)). Will update more as it comes along.

No, King Kong was a gorilla.

king kong will win because king kong is like huge and strong but bigfoot is not that strong like king kong

no king kong is only on pc not ps2

king kong is a big ape that evolved from an exctint monkey

King Kong is from Skull Island .

In the 2005 version of King Kong, Andy Serkis played Kong.

King Kong (especially if your talking about Peter Jackson's Kong)

Yes. It can if it rammed into king kong or knocked king kong with its tusks, trunk, or head.

King Kong is stronger but Shazam is faster and smarter. King Kong.

he is donkey kong jr if he is cranky kongs son,because cranky kong is the original Donkey Kong

King Kong came from Skull Island.

king kong is a giant garilla

the lady king kong falls in love with

There hasn't been a King Kong 2, as in a sequel to Peter Jackson's King Kong to begin with. As of now, no official report has been made on the production of any King Kongsequels so chances are slim for a King Kong 3.

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