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Does Lexapro cause your metabolism to slow down?

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Lexapro rarely causes weight gain. It is sometimes prescribed for patients trying to lose weight, because it alleviates the emotional symptoms that lead to 'stress eating'.

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Does Lexapro slow down metabolism?


Does milk slow down the metabolism?

Metabolism is the rate at which the body burns food for energy. No, milk does not slow down the body's metabolism.

Why did your metabolism slow down?

The metabolism can greatly slow down when you have hormone problems. It can also slow down if you don't eat healthy foods and exercise.

Will nuts slow down your metabolism?

Nuts have been shown to increase your metabolism. It's a myth that nuts will slow down one's metabolism.

At what time of the day does your metabolism slow down?

after 4pm your metabolism decreases and the time where your metabolism is extremely slow is when you are a sleep

Does your metabolism slow down when you sleep?

Well your more relaxed and calm so yes your metabolism does slow down when your sleep.

Will beer slow down metabolism?


How do you know if you have a slow metabolism?

If a person has a slow metabolism they may gain weight more easily. Inactivity and illness can cause a slow metabolism. Your doctor can give more information on this.

What age does your metabolism slow down?


How do you slow your metabolism?

Well I would not recommend it, but eating wrong or irregularly will slow it down.. eating wrong causes other health problems, so that's bad.. usually the more active a person is, the higher the metabolism, therefore, if you slow down on your activites your metabolism may also slow down..

Does carbonated water slow metabolism?

Carbonation will slow down your metabolism. The reason for this is because of the aspartame and sucralose which can confuse the body.

Does a koala's metabolism slow down during part of the year?

No. The koala's metabolism remains consistent throughout the year. It does not need to slow down during winter.

Do pain pills slow down metabolism?


How do you get buff even if you have a high metabolism?

slow it down

How do you slow down a fast metabolism?

Tire it out by running a lot.

What age does your metabolism start to slow down?


Does lithium slow down your metabolism?

YES it can effect your thyroid, and make your once fast metabolism slooow.

How do salt tablets work?

They slow down your metabolism for a little while.

What are the consequences of staying hungry for long time?

it will slow down your metabolism

Does Ambien slow down your metabolism?

Ambien does not slow your metabolism, but that does not mean your metabolism has been not compromised from something else. It is common in certain SSRI's and other 3rd gerenation medication like seroquel and Zyprexa to slow down your metabolism and I would definetly have your Thyroid checked once a year if you are gaining weight if diet and exercise do not control weight gain.

What effect does temperature have on metabolic rate?

Cold or hot temperatures can slow down or increase your metabolism. Cold decreases your metabolism but depending on the duration and temperature of your core, can actually burn a lot of calories. Hot temperatures cause you to sweat and increase your metabolism.

Why are so many Down syndrome people overweight - is it connected to their metabolism?

Yes, it is true. They have hypotonia or weakened muscles. In addition, they have slow peristalsis and slow metabolism.

Does milk increase metabolism?

Milk does not increase your metabolism. Milk is hard for the human body to digest and break down the enzymes. It actually can slow your metabolism.

What can slow down metabolism?

Once a woman has suckered a man into signing a marriage contract, her metabolism will immediately begin to plummet.

What causes something to slow down?

brakes cause something to slow down.