Does Light from Death Note become a Shinigami after his death?

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While the director's cut of the anime implies that this may be the case, it is never explicitly stated. Furthermore, the final How to Use states that "All humans, without exception, will eventually die. After they die, the place they go to is MU (nothingness). Once dead, they can never come back to life."
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How do you read shinigami time in Death Note?

According to How to Read (Death Note 13) the writer made Light'slife span using an equation he/she doesn't really remember. Therest of the lifespans were simply made up without the use of anymathematics. The following is disputable (as a previous answerer claimed to havedeveloped the equation on hi ( Full Answer )

How does light die on death note?

He gets killed by Ryuk, i the begining ryuk tells light that if he writes in ryuks death note, when light dies it will be by that death note by ryuk. no quotes but that basicly what happens.

Does light die in death note?

The very last episode he dies because Ryuk felt that Light had lost so he gave him a heart attack ^^

Is light from death note crazy?

Light exhibits behavior that classifies him as a psychopath. It is not stated anywhere in the series that he is crazy but one can assume that he is not entirely in his right mind. So you can say that...yes Light is a freakin psychopathic maniac who thinks he can get away with killing people with t ( Full Answer )

Death Note Shinigami?

Ryuk, is, in a way, Light's shinigami. Ren is initially Misa's shinigami. Sidoh helps Mello's gang. (And there is also Gelus, who was the shinigami that had fallen in love with Misa. This one appears only in a flashback).

Who is light from death note?

Light is a smart senior in Japan. he sees the notebook(death note) drop and picks it up. this leads to a whole new life...BUT you have to read if you want to find out...sorry. i PROMISE the book is amazing!!!!o_O if you happen to think that L is cute then...leave a comment on THIS QUESTION!!!!

Does light get his Death Note back?

Well, it depends on when you are talking about, because he purposefully loses his death note a couple of times, and gets it back.

In death note did light kiss ryuuzaki?

no, that rumor was created by stupid fans who thought that light and l were gay. but l only had himself handcuffed to light because he still suspected (correctly) that light was kira. so no, they did not kiss. L

How do you kill a shinigami-in Death Note?

The only known way to kill a shinigami in Death Note is to make itfall in love with a human. The shinigami will then have to kill inorder to save the human or kill for the human for it to die. Doingso will give that human the shinigami's remaining life force.

Light will get arrested Death Note?

oh no not at he end... in some point he is imprisoned for a couple months then he is chained to L... Then at the very end he dies on a staircase by Ryuk's Death Note

How does light die in death note?

In the anime/manga Light is discovered as Kira by Near and continually shot by Matsuda after Light tries to write Nea'rs name down on a scrap of paper from the Death Note. Light survives and runs out of the war house that they are in. No one follows Light because they know he will die. After Light f ( Full Answer )

What happens to Light in Death Note?

- He dies at the end, after being shot repeatedly by Matsuda and having his name written in the Death Note by Ryuk.

In death note y does light die?

Actually I think Light dies not simply because he is the owner of a death note, but because he miscalculated the situation. It is however, possible that this miscalculation was do to the "misfortune," brought on by his death note. Light failed to see the unexpected aspect of the situation. The one h ( Full Answer )

Does Light from Death Note die?

Yes, Light Yagami dies in the last episode of the Death Note anime. He was shot multiple times, then he ran off and died on a staircase of some random building...

In death note does light die?

-SPOILER- Light Yagami dies in the very last episode/chapter of Death Note. He is shot several times by Matsuda but ultimately has a heart attack, caused by Ryuk.

Does L from Death Note become a shinigami?

How should he become a Shinigami? He's a human. It is stated inDeath Note that no human, with no exceptions, go to Heaven or Hell.They go to "MU" AKA Nothingness.

What episode in Death note is when Light Laughs?

Assuming that you are referring to the large overly maniacal laugh that Light does when he is revealed to be Kira by Near, that is episode 37. Otherwise he laughs a little in almost every episode.

Does light loose his Death note?

no. but he gets rid of it for a while to clear his name. but since he got rid of it, he lost his memories for a while.

Did Light become a Death God?

Basically, yes, because Kira is the Death God. And we find out that Light IS Kira and the god of the new world. But, he died.

When does light die in death note?

Depends wether you're asking about the Anime or the Manga. But in the anime he dies in the very last episode. (I'd imagine that he would die in the last volume of the manga)

Are L and light in love from death note?

They arn't in the show, but it's like an "inside joke" kind of thing, where they kind of like make fun of it. If you search in google, L and Light love or something, then there will be pictures other people drew of them kissing. FORBIDEN LOVE!

How old is Light from Death Note?

Light was born on February 23, 1986 (1989 in the anime). He was 17 at the start of the series and 23 by his final appearance.

Does light get the new world in death note?

Unfortunately, No, Light Dies At The End Of Episode 37. There Is Rumors That He Becomes A Shinigami And Trys To Become A Human Again In Season 3, But That Hasn't Been Confirmed Yet.

Can you kill a shinigami with it's death note?

no, if you write the name of a shinigami in a death note the will not die. the ONLY way to kill a shinigami is if they themselves use their death note to save a human life.

Is light from Death Note hot?

Yes, he is. He's the most awesome and tank character in the Death Note series! "I am justice!"- Light Yagami

Who kills light in death note?

He was shot first by Matsuda, but then, while he died slowly on the steps, Ryuk wrote his name in the Death Note and he died immediately. So technically, he was killed by both Matsuda and Ryuk.

In death note if two adults that have sinigami eyes will their child have shinigami eyes?

No, it only affects the owners of the deathnote. If they have children, the deathnote does not become theirs to pass down. It remains the parents until they die or reliquish ownership. Now, if the parents die and their child picks it up. The deathnote becomes theirs but they would still have to make ( Full Answer )

Why does light use the death note?

light is disgusted with all the crimes that happen in everyday life and thinks that by killing all people that have commited horrible crimes he will be making the world into a better place Actually the reason he began using the death note is because he was bored and wanted to see if it really work ( Full Answer )

What are the names of lights pursuers in Death Note?

Light is "pursued" by many people throughout the series. First of all, he is pursued as the criminal Kira by the great Detective L (whose real name is L Lawliet). After L is killed, Light is pursued by his successors, Near (Nate River) and Mello (Mihael Keehl). Among those who assisted his main p ( Full Answer )

When does light get back with ryuk in Death Note?

In Episode 24, Light gets the death note back and recovers hismemories. He then kills Higuchi making the Death Note his again.But the original owner of the death note at that moment is Rem, sohe has to touch the piece of paper from the Misa's notebook to beable to see Ryuk. Ryuk stays Misa's shiniga ( Full Answer )

How do you read shinigami time- In Death Note?

... hmm[flicking through some Death Note volumes] i dont think u can, i get the impression that Shinigami have there own language, thus they might have a different number system. i hope that explains it ;P

Did light become a shinigami?

Ok listen up, Ryuk clearly told Light and the world that there is no way in the world he can be a shinigami. Listen for once.

Who won on death note light or l?

Well L dies because Light makes Rem kill him and Watari... But Near, L's succesor, beats Light at his own game so L wins.. and Near.. xD

What did light hope to do to death note and why?

Light hoped to use the Death Note to make the world a better place, killing each person who has done wrong and making the world peaceful. He actually ends up doing the opposite.

Do you prefer L or Light from Death Note?

light because l doesn't wear any shoes and has some strange obsession with strawberry's and light is just awsome Aww i prefer L he amazing and funny at times. =] It was sad when Rem killed him.

How did Light get the Death Note?

A bored death god dropped one of his death note and light found it fall when he looked at outside of his classroom s' window.And Without anyone noticing, he took that notebook and tried it later.

Why did the Shinigami from the Death Note kill Watari?

He felt in love with misa amane,who halved her lifespan for shinigami eyes.He did it to increase her lifespan and also because light yagami forced him to do it,if not light wil kill her