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Q: Does Luke Benward have short or long hair now?
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Does Luke Benward believe in long distance relationships?

Totally, he prefers them.

Is long or short hair in?

Long hair is in.

What is this year style short hair or long hair?

short hair

Which is prettier short hair or long hair?

It doesn't matter, because some short hair is prettier than long hair and some long hair is prettier than short hair.

Does the Ankole cow have long or short hair?

short hair

Does Selena Gomez really have long hair or short hair?

She Has short hair

Did Bret hart have long hair or short hair?

long hair

Is Rihanna's hair long or short?

I think Rhianna's hair is short. When you see her with long hair, i think its a wig.

Did Helen Keller have short or long hair?

no long hair

Has Rihanna got long or short hair?

Rihanna has short hair...she used to have long hair until she decided it was getting to long so she cut it really short

Why is girls hair long?

A girl's hair is long because the girl made a decision to have long hair, just as a girl with short hair or a boy with short or long hair decided to have that length of hair.

Did Sabre tooth tigers have short hair or long hair?

i think short hair

Does haruhi have long hair or short hair?

Haruhi Fujioka currently has short hair.

How do chihuahua puppies look when mom is short hair and dad is long hair?

It depends on the genes of the parents. The puppies will have a range of short to long the long hair is dominate most of the puppies will have longish hair. If the short hair is dominate then most of the puppies will have short hair. Like i said its going to be in a range of short to long.

Is the Golden Retrievers hair long or short?

It's hair is long unless it is not a purebred then it may have short hair, so all of them mostly have long hair.

Can 2 short haired hamsters have long haired babies?

It all depends on the genetics in the hamster's parents. It one of the parents are long hair, and one hamster is short hair, the babies could be either long hair or short hair, depending on what the parent's genetics of the male are. If one of the grandparents were long hair, and the other short hair, then there is a equal possibility of both long hair, and short hair.

What would happen if you breed a long hair a short hair guinea pig?

That depends on the parents. They can be a cross between the long and short hair. They can just be the short hair. They can be the long hair. It will just be a surprise there is no way to predict it.

Did Athena have long brown hair or short brown hair?

Athena had short brown hair What the heck?! No way! Athena had curly long brown hair, or possibly wavy long brown hair. No goddess ever had short hair.

Do huskies have short hair?

not all huskies have short hair but some do mostly long hair

Do you prefer a guy with long hair or short hair?

i prefer guys with long hair short hair for me it really depend on the girl and her age older short younger long but im young and i like short so its depends on the girl

Which is better long hair or short hair?

Short it's easier to manage

Is Zendaya's hair long or short?

her hair is long, and this question is crazy

Did the Roman goddess Flora have long or short hair?

she had long hair

Does Short hair grow faster than long hair?

Short hair does not grow faster than long hair. Short hair only seems to grow longer than long hair because of the ratio of hair that is growing compared to the overall length.

Does Louis like long or short hair?