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Does Matt hardy like dating younger women?

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yes, he does he says he is edicted to it.

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Who is Matt Hardy dating?

Matt Hardy is dating Reby Sky!

Is Matt hardy dating maryse?


Is Matt Hardy dating WWE diva maria?

Maria and Matt Hardy Arent Dating! It Was A Storyline for wwe! Maria has a boyfriend in real life and Matt Is single

Is Matt hardy and maria dating?

No. Matt Hardy has dated Ashley Massaro in the past, but he has no links with Maria.

Are Matt Hardy Maria dating?

yes they are

Are Matt hardy and maria dating?

That was a storyline

Who is Matt hardy dating in the WWE?


Is Matt Hardy dating Trish Stratus?


Is Matt Hardy dating Maria?

Matt Hardy and Maria had an on-screen relationship which ended when Maria was released from her WWE contract. Other than that they are not dating.

Is Matt Hardy of WWE dating anyone?

Matt is currently single

Who is WWE Ashley dating?

probably Ashley Is dating Matt Hardy

Does Matt Hardy have a girlfriend as of 2009?

Matt is currently single and not dating anyone.

Matt Hardy and Candice Michelle?

What about them? They are NOT dating eachother!

Is Matt hardy dating velvet sky?

No they are not and never have

Is Matt hardy dating layla?

no of course not gosh people Layla is ugly as Michelle mccool is. i think mickey James would e better dating Matt hardy

Does lita and Matt hardy have kids?

Matt and Lita do not have kids nor are they still dating.

Is Matt Hardy single?

No, he is dating this girl named Lori.

Is lita Married?

no but shes currenly dating Matt hardy

Is WWE matt hardy dating anyone?

Yes Rebysky

Is Jeff or Matt Hardy dating anyone?

They both have girlfriends.

Was Lita and Matt Hardy dating?

as far as i know of yes

Is Matt hardy dating right now?

Matt Hardy does not have a girl friend. He is not dating Lita (Amy Duma) no more. She cheated on him with Edge (Adam Copland). That was very dirty of her to do that too.

Who is Matt Hardy seeing?

Matt is currently dating a girl named Kathy who is not in the wrestling business.

Are Jeff hardy and Matt hardy single?

Matt is lookin for the right woman Jeff is still dating Beth(not Beth Phoenix) for a while now

Do Matt hardy have a brother?

Yes, Matt Hardy's younger brother is world famous wrestler and Matt's former tag team partner, Jeff Hardy.