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yes, microsoft office has business accounting software available online. on their website you can download certain software for free. excel, on microsoft office is also used for accounting.

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Q: Does Microsoft offer business accounting software?
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Where can a person go to buy Microsoft accounting software?

There are many places where a person can buy Microsoft accounting software. However, the best place to buy this type of software would be from a reputable website that specializes in selling this type of software. Two of the best websites that sell Microsoft accounting software are Mskeydeals and Microprokey. Both of these websites offer a wide variety of Microsoft accounting software products at competitive prices.

Where can one find non profit accounting software?

When running a business it may be a wise idea to purchase profit accounting software. Sites such as Serenic and the SageOne website offer accounting software suitable for all business accounting needs.

Which company makes the best small business accounting software?

Several companies offer accounting software for small businesses. The most popular and highly reviewed small business accounting software are QuickBooks by Intuit and Simply Accounting by Sage.

Which companies offer business email software?

There are a number of companies on the internet that offer business email software. Some companies that you may want to try include Microsoft and Google.

Which firms offer accounting software solutions?

Accounting software solutions are offered by many companies. It can be obtained from Thomson Reuters and Flexi. Similar products are available from Gross Mendelsohn.

Where can one find updates for Microsoft Small Business Accounting?

One of the best things about Microsoft is its ability to offer updates for its programs online. Microsoft Small Business Accounting program can download updates directly off of the web. The program should provide an icon in the lower right hand corner of users' computer screens. By pressing this icon the users will be taken to a webpage that offers updates for the software.

Does Microsoft offer budgeting software?

Microsoft has a prgram called Microsoft Money to help with your personal or business budgeting needs. The program is very user friendly.

Where can one purchase inventory accounting software?

There are many places that offer the consumer the purchase of inventory accounting software. For example, Ebay, PC World, Intuit UK, BT Business and Rakuten.

What software programs offer a business card template?

There are a number of different software programs and online programs that offer a business card templates. One of the most popular softwares that offer this is the Microsoft Word program which allows one to design and print business cards.

Does Microsoft offer expense report software?

Microsoft does offer expense report software. The software is easily accessed when you look for it. You can usually find it at any Microsoft store or at the website.

Does MicroSoft offer professional income tax software?

Unfortunately, Microsoft does not offer professional income tax software. Microsoft previously had a service called "Money," but they have decided to discontinue that service. Under their Microsoft Business site, they do offer "Tax Advice" articles - here is the link:,taxadvice

What companies offer small business software?

Quicken is one of the most popular providers of small business software. Microsoft also offers many innovative and specific business softwares in their selection.

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