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Does Miley Cyrus wear contacts?


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September 12, 2011 11:59PM

I'm not sure I could see someone saying yes, but then again I could see someone saying no. This is because there are two possibilities, one is yes she wears colored contacts to go from a brown eyed brunette to a blue eyed blond. The second possibility is that the camera crew or stage crew has some special lens or lighting that can make the illusion that causes the change from the brown eyed brunette Miley Cyrus to the blue eyed blond Hannah Montanna. So which ever one you believe have fun with it.

miley is naturally blue eyed but in the Hannah Montana movie the cover where shes turned around she is definitely wearing colored contacts! theyre verryy green unlike all the other photos you see her in &&in baby photos you can see she had blue eyess :)