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I once downloaded mozilla and i gave my computer a virus but I know someone who downloaded it and it didn't give his computer a virus.

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โˆ™ 2012-02-19 12:19:44
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Q: Does Mozilla Firefox give viruses
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Does Mozilla scan downloads for viruses?

Firefox does scan files for viruses. But Firefox cannot be 100% trusted. Use your Antivirus software to scan those files first.

What is the difference between Firefox an Mozilla Firefox?

There is no difference; "Firefox" is merely a shortened way of saying "Mozilla Firefox" (Mozilla is the company that created the web browser Firefox, therefore the browser's full name is Mozilla Firefox).

Who manufactured Mozilla Firefox?

Firefox was made by Mozilla.

What is Mozilla Firefox how to use it?

Mozilla Firefox is a top rated google-wired internet browser. There is also Firefox 3, which will appear as an ad on the Mozilla Firefox homepage.

Who was the author of Firefox?

Mozilla Corporation wrote Mozilla Firefox.

Who developed Mozilla Firefox?

Dave Hyatt and Blake Ross developed mozilla firefox.

Is Qwest like Mozilla Firefox?

No, Qwest supplies internet and other services, where Mozilla Firefox is a browser. You can use Mozilla Firefox as your browser if you have Qwest (or most other) internet

What is the different of Mozilla Firefox and internet explorer?

Simple. Mozilla Firefox can have themes applied to it. Internet Explorer cannot have themes applied to it. Mozilla Firefox is made by Mozilla Co. and Internet Explorer is made by Microsoft Co.

Which is faster mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome?

Google Chrome is faster than Mozilla Firefox.

Bagaimana mengganti tampilan Mozilla Firefox seprti semula?

mozilla firefox

How to start Firefox from command line?

Install Firefox and run the following command: "cd c:\program files\mozilla firefox" and press enter.. It will give you the prompt - C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox> now just execute here "firefox.exe" ..

What is a Mozilla Firefox add-on for Associative browsing?

Mozilla Firefox have many addons, you can find alot of them on their site.

Who is the manufacturer of Mozilla Firefox?

The Mozilla Corporation is a not-for-profit organization that creates two open-source programs: Firefox and Thunderbird. They also make many lab projects. Hence the name: Mozilla Firefox.

Who came up with fire fox?

Mozilla Foundation and the Mozilla Corporation are the groups that came up with Mozilla Firefox. Mozilla Firefox is a web browser that was released on September 23, 2002.

What is the difference between safari and Mozilla Firefox?

Safari is produced by Apple, Inc. Mozilla Firefox is produced by the Mozilla Foundation. Safari uses the WebKit rendering engine. Mozilla Firefox uses the Gecko rendering engine. Safari is designed to integrate into Mac OS X. Mozilla Firefox is designed to be cross-platform.

Which is a better web browser Internet Explorer Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome?

Mozilla Firefox / Google Chrome

Is mozilla firefox and firefox the same thing?

Yes it is :)

When is Mozilla releasing firefox3 to the public?

Mozilla Firefox has already released Mozilla Firefox 3 to the public and will continue updates and beta testing to this product to improve it for the users.

What is the difference between Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox?

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are two browsers. Mozilla is a little bit slower and lagging than Chrome.

How to set Mozilla Firefox as my internet connection?

I think your question is wrong ...but if you want to set Mozilla Firefox as your default browser you need to go to Google .com and simply write on the search bar "free Mozilla Firefox download".

How do you get Mozilla Firefox?

There are many sources from where Mozilla Firefox can be downloaded but some of them contain virus, spyware etc. It is recommended to download Firefox from the official website. In the address bar type mozilla . org (remove the spaces).

What is the name of the free internet browser from Mozilla?

Mozilla Firefox.

GUI interface of Mozilla Firefox?

Mozilla Firefox is grea. Firefox is the best proxy-like alternative to direct internet I've ever seen. im not sure what the graphic user interface is though. You can probably ask Mozilla theirself.

Which company made Firefox?

Mozilla Corporation made Firefox

What is amozilla Firefox?

Mozilla Firefox is a web browser program