Does NBA 2k11 have roster updates?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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The rosters that are in my player mode are the current, accurate, and most recently updated rosters you have when you FIRST create your player. Then the teams can trade and sign player unrelated to what's happening in real life.

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yes it does

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Q: Does NBA 2k11 have roster updates?
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How can you get roster updates in nba 2k11?

You can update them through your console and internet. You can manually do it by reordering your teams. You can save changes if you like.

Is rasheed Wallace in nba 2k11?

No Rasheed Wallace is not in 2k11 because he retired in 2011. If he was in 2k11 he would have been on the Celtics roster

How do you get your created player to a team on NBA 2k11?

u do put on roster mingis mungus terd

How do you update rosters on NBA 2k11 ps2?

go to load/save & go to save roster :)

What is better NBA 2k11 or MLB 2k11?

In my opinion i believe it is NBA 2k11.

Does NBA 2k11 living roster change in your season?

No it doesn't. Season mode defaults back to default rosters. Sucky........

Are the breakers in NBA 2k11?

Well you do anklebreakers on Nba 2k11.

Is NBA 2k11 a good video game?

Nba 2k11 is awesome!

Why is NBA 2k11 lakers roster wrong?

Well the rosters are from the 09-10 season. This is now trades have been going on and signings etc.

What year is NBA 2k11 out?

NBA 2k11 was released on October 5, 2010

Can you update my roster NBA 2K11 for psp?

Unfortunately alot of the new sports games on PSP dont have infrastrure mode which is online like multiplayer and the internet. It only has ad hoc which is if your friend has NBA 2k11 for psp then you and him can play NBA 2k11 in the same room. So if you want to update your rosters you have to go on a website on your computer and download them there. I know right? I am pissed off too!

What is NBA 2k11?

It is a basketball game based on the NBA. It is awesome and the 2k11 stands for 2011.