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Does Peyton die on One Tree Hill?

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No, Peyton doesn't die. She has her baby, Sawyer, at the end of season 6. Her, Lucas and Sawyer then drive off in the comet, and don't come back in season 7 or 8.

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No, Peyton does not die.

no. both Peyton and the baby survive.

Peyton didn't die as she left to live happily-ever-after with Lucas and their baby Sawyer :)

No Peyton does not die. The actress who plays Peyton in One Tree Hill, Hilarie Burton, as well as her on-screen husband, Lucas, played by Chad Michael Murray, have decided to leave the show after the finale of the sixth season. In the show, their characters appeared to have moved away.

Peyton or her baby do not die. Peyton has a baby girl and her and Lucas leave. this means Chad Micheal Murray or Hilarie Burton will not be in the show after she leaves.

She doesn't die she has a baby and calls her Soya Brooke Scott

No, he did not, Peyton and him just broke up because she was in love with Lucas.

Yes. Peyton does get pregnant.However, she has complications with the baby. Lucas and She must decide wether or not they are going to keep the baby. If they do, Peyton could die.

No Peyton does not dies after she gives birth to Sawyer Scott, she does have a couple of problems after she has her however recovers for the end of Season 6

Clay did not die in One Tree Hill. He had a near death experience but he did not die.

No one knows for sure but, the writers were slightly foreshadowing as she drew all of those pictures and saw a picture of her mom and wrote Love, Mom on it. I hate to say it but she might. No one knows for sure. Keep Researching...... Here's A website

No Peyton does die in the car crash just badly injured but her baby remains alive and safe

No. Jamie Scott did not die on "One Tree Hill" he was in a serious accident tho. but no he did not die.

no, lucas doesn't die. he just leaves tree hill with Peyton, and their daughter. just because he isn't returning in season 7, doesnt mean he dies. yeah he wont be coming back, but he isn't dead either :)

No, Brooke didn't die on One Tree Hill. Where in the world did you hear that? wat the hell where did u hear that

No. Quinn does not die.

Nathan Scott does not die at all through out the show of One Tree Hill

The character of Nathan Scott will be returning in Season seven of one tree hill.

Peyton is not dead. Her and Lucas go off with the baby. They name her Sawyer because it was Peyton's last name. They talk about Peyton and baby girl Sawyer in the new season that just premiered last week.

Dan has not died on One Tree Hill. He just lives in hiding, and has appearing during the 8th season.

There have been rumours going round that Peyton sawyer will leave one tree hill in season 7. Hallarie Burton the actress who plays Peyton quotes " I just want everyone to know how much i love Peyton sawyer and my crew. And I've had a really good run and i wish i had creative controll over the show you guys but i don't." That speaks for itself really, i doubt very much she will be back in season 7. They will probably kill her off, but how is un known yet.

If your asking from one tree hill, he ends up choosing peyton. They get engaged and she gets pregnant, then she learns if she has the baby she might die, but she has the baby, it a girl named sawyer and they get married.

No, Clay does not die in the 8th season of One Tree Hill. After being shot by Sarah he is in a coma for a few days, and then he wakes up, and survives.

Quinn and Clayton do not die in One Tree Hill however they do get shot at the end of Season 7 but do recover after the first few episodes of Season 8

no she cant die she is important to the story

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