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Yes, her name is Sawyer. Sasha wrote this

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Q: Does Peyton have her baby at the end of season 6 One Tree Hill?
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Related questions

Does Peyton and Lucas have a baby on One Tree Hill?

It is said that Peyton and Lucas will return for season 9 of One Tree Hill as they were the originals from the start and they want them to be present in there last season of One Tree hill

Does Brooke have a baby in season 6 in One Tree Hill?

No, but in the finale Peyton and Lucas have theirs and Peyton survives!:)

What epasoed Peyton have her baby in 'One Tree Hill' Season 6?

you dont see her give birth :)

Does Peyton and lucas baby die on One Tree Hill?

no. both Peyton and the baby survive.

Does Peyton get pregnant in One Tree Hill season 6?

Yes. Peyton does get pregnant.However, she has complications with the baby. Lucas and She must decide wether or not they are going to keep the baby. If they do, Peyton could die.

Does Peyton die in 'One Tree Hill' Season 6?

Peyton is not dead. Her and Lucas go off with the baby. They name her Sawyer because it was Peyton's last name. They talk about Peyton and baby girl Sawyer in the new season that just premiered last week.

Does Peyton die in One Tree Hill season 6?

She doesn't die she has a baby and calls her Soya Brooke Scott

Is Peyton pregnant on One Tree Hill?

yea Peyton is pregnant, with lucas's baby :D

Did Peyton in One Tree Hill die after her baby delivery?

No Peyton does not dies after she gives birth to Sawyer Scott, she does have a couple of problems after she has her however recovers for the end of Season 6

What is peyton's baby's name in One Tree Hill?

Sawyer Brooke Scott

Was Karen from One Tree Hill in a car accident when Peyton was having baby?


What happened to lucas Scott on One Tree Hill?

He left with peyton and their baby. He comes back in season 9 but only for a small scene

Does Lucas and Payton have children on One Tree Hill?

Yes at the end of Season 6 Lucas and Peyton have a baby girl names Sawyer

What happened to Peyton from One Tree Hill after her birth?

She lived and last episode of season 6 she drove off w/ the baby, & Luke.

Does Peyton die on One Tree Hill?

No, Peyton doesn't die. She has her baby, Sawyer, at the end of season 6. Her, Lucas and Sawyer then drive off in the comet, and don't come back in season 7 or 8.

Does Peyton or her baby die in One Tree Hill?

Peyton or her baby do not die. Peyton has a baby girl and her and Lucas leave. this means Chad Micheal Murray or Hilarie Burton will not be in the show after she leaves.

What season does Haley James Scott have her baby?

She has her baby in season four of One Tree Hill

Will Lucas and Peyton come back to One Tree Hill with their baby?

No the last episode is 24 in season 6 however lucas comes back in season 9 for one epsiode

Where are Luke and Peyton suppose to be Why did Karen leave One Tree Hill?

Okay well, Lucas and Peyton had their baby in season 6 and they moved away, Karen had her baby (Lily Rose Scott) and is traveling with Andy (Her boyfriend) I hope this helped you!

Did Peyton Scott die on One Tree Hill?

Peyton didn't die as she left to live happily-ever-after with Lucas and their baby Sawyer :)

Who is lucas with in the sixth season?

If your asking from one tree hill, he ends up choosing peyton. They get engaged and she gets pregnant, then she learns if she has the baby she might die, but she has the baby, it a girl named sawyer and they get married.

Is Peyton going to live on One Tree Hill?

of course she does.....but it doesn't mean she lucas and her baby sawyer stay on the show

What happend to lucas n payton in One Tree Hill?

Their last season is season 6 after they have their baby Sawyer. Chad Michael Murray (Lucas) and Hilarie Burton (Peyton) didnt want to continue making one tree hill so they ended Season 6 with the characters living happily ever after moving on with their lives away from one tree hill with their daughter. However in Season 9 lucas comes back for one episode when Haley needs his support

Will there be a One Tree Hill season 6?

yes, nd lets hope he didnt choose Lindsay!! he dosent choose Lindsey or brooke , he chooses and then they get engaged in the hotel room , in which lucas proposed to her 2 yrs ago . They get married in Tree hill . Peyton becomes pregnet with lucas's baby , but she also gets sick..You can find this out on wikipedia ...just wiki ONE TREE HILL SEASON 6

Does Peytons baby die in One Tree Hill?

No, Peyton's baby does not die. Lucas brings her to the hospital and she gives birth to a beautiful baby girl named Sawyer Brooke Scott.