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Phoenix University offers a variety of business classes for professionals, including several online project management classes. These courses allow you to work with professionals from all over the country and learn the foundations of project management.

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Q: Does Phoenix University offer project management classes?
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Where can you sign up for project management classes?

You can sign up for Project management classes on DeVry, ITT Technical Institute, University of Phoenix and other corporate focused websites. You can also pick up some courses in local and state sponsored colleges.

Is there a school in Springfield where I can get project management education?

University of Illinois offers project management classes. You can also attend them online.

Where can training for PMP certification be completed?

"Online, you can get training for a Project Management Professional (or PMP) certification at the University of Phoenix. Otherwise, you can apply to the Project Management Institute."

What are the steps to getting a project management certification?

I would look at your local university. Most MBA programs offer project management classes and certifications.

What are some certificate courses offered by the University of Phoenix?

The University of Phoenix offers a plethora of options when it comes to certificate courses. Among these certificate courses are Project Management, Human Resource Management, Health Management, and Visual Communications.

How do I become certified in project management?

I would suggest that you take online classes or classes in project management. This will allow you to get your certificate in project management.

Are project management classes available online or at a college?

The classes are available online as well as at a local college. ITT Tech is one such option available locally across the United States. There are numerous available online, such as Phoenix University.

Do any online colleges offer project management certification?

Yes, there are many colleges that offer online programs that for a Program Management Certificate. Among them are Phoenix University and the Project Management Institute.

Any infomation out there on project training classes?

The best online university for project training classes is Phoenix Online. Although this site is a bit more expensive than others, it has a great reputation.

Where can you find schools that offer project management certification?

they got one at University of phoenix for bachelor of science in business,and they got one at devry university inn bachelor of science in administration and one at Keller graduate school of management of devry university in master of project management-MPM

How do I find information on a degree for project management?

You can find information on degrees for project managers by visiting your local community college or university. If you want to take online courses you could request free information from schools such as Phoenix University or Keiser University.

What websites offer online project management courses?

I would try the university of Phoenix, since they have a very wide variety of courses. Beyond that, I would suggest getting more info about PMI, the project management institute, which actually offers certification as a project manager.

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