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Pierre has a girlfriend, her name is Lachelle Farrar and he even wrote her a song in their last album, I Can Wait Forever.

updated Jan 2015: Pierre is married to Lachelle and they have 2 daughters- Lennon Rose, and Soren. Follow @pierrebouvier on twitter or instagram to keep up with his posts.

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Q: Does Pierre Bouvier have a girlfriend?
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Who is girlfriend the Pierre bouvier?

Pierre Bouvier's girlfriend is Lachelle Farrar.

Who is Pierre Bouvier's girlfriend?

Pierre Bouvier's girlfriend is Lachelle Farrar. They have been engaged for years.

How did Pierre bouvier girlfriend die?

He did not have a girlfriend that died.

Who is Pierre Bouvier girlfriend?

Lachelle Farrar

Who has girlfriend in simple plan?

Pierre Bouvier

What is the birth name of Pierre Bouvier?

Pierre Bouvier's birth name is Pierre Charles Bouvier.

What nicknames does Pierre Bouvier go by?

Pierre Bouvier goes by PB, Captain Pierre, Popsicle Pete, and Rock Bouvier.

When was Pierre Bouvier born?

Pierre Bouvier was born on May 9, 1979.

What is Pierre Bouvier's birthday?

Pierre Bouvier was born on May 9, 1979.

Did Pierre bouvier really break up with his girlfriend lachelle farrar?

Nope, Pierre and Lachelle are still together...infact they're engaged

How tall is Pierre bouvier?

Pierre is about 5'10

Does Pierre Bouvier have kids?

Pierre Bouvier does not have any kids, and isn't planning on it for a while. He is enjoying life as it is now.

Who are Pierre Bouvier's Parents?

* *

Does Pierre bouvier have a Facebook?


Was Pierre Bouvier arrested?


Does Pierre bouvier have a child?

No he does not have any children.

Was Pierre bouvier arrested and why?


How old is Pierre Bouvier?

Canadian singer Pierre Bouvier is 38 years old (birthdate: May 9, 1979).

Is Pierre bouvier a father?

As of July 2014, Pierre Bouvier and his wife, Lachelle Farrar, have two children, both girls. Pierre is from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Did Pierre bouvier marry lachelle?


Is Pierre bouvier single now?


Does Pierre Bouvier from Simple Plan have a girlfriend?

He has a fiance, and her name is Lachelle. They have been engaged for years. They also have a daughter named Lennon Rose.

Is Pierre Bouvier from simple plan gay?


Where does Pierre Bouvier live?

Monteral, quebec

Pierre bouvier is the lowest of his family?