Does Platinum over silver tarnish

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Platinum over silver will not tarnish. Platinum is a very quality type of metal. Platinum is very pricy but will last for a long time.

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Q: Does Platinum over silver tarnish
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What is platinum plated sterling silver?

Platinum plated sterling silver is sterling silver, but it has a thin coating of platinum over the top. Platinum does not tarnish and the piece will keep the silver look.

What is the physical property difference of silver and platinum?

Silver is a soft metal. Platinum is a similar color but does not change its shape easily and does not tarnish. Platinum is worth more than silver and gold.

Will gold over silver jewelry tarnish?


Does platinum tarnish?


What does 925 PC mean stamped on jewelry?

I believe it is .925 silver with a platinum coating to retard tarnish.

Does pure silver tarnish?

Pure silver can tarnish but not as easily as Sterling Silver.

What is rodium plated sterling silver?

Rhodium, from the platinum family, is a metal that does not tarnish. It is plated over silver so that you do not have to clean it as often. It is much shinier than silver though, a true lover of sterling silver may not like the shine of rhodium.

Why silver jewelry tarnish with lime?

why silver jewellery tarnish with lime?

Which metal is sure not not tarnish on a ring?

Gold and platinum will not tarnish on a ring.

What part of speech is tarnish in the sentence Silver will tarnish if it is not polished often?

The word "tarnish" in the sentence "the silver will tarnish if it is not polished often" is a verb. It is describing the action of the silver in the sentence.

Which metals tarnish?

Copper, silver, and brass tarnish.

Will platinum bracelets ever tarnish?

This is not usually a trait of platinum

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