Does Pokemon go need wifi?

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It does not require wifi to be played, but having it turned on on your device can help improve location accuracy.
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What do you need to go to WiFi connection?

Malls, Stores, airports, even parks and cities are now having wireless WIFI. or Buy a wireless router and you will have a wireless internet connection at home

How do you connect with WiFi on Pokemon pearl?

hey, this is how you do it, you need to have a modem (for net) and you must go to the back on silver sticker/blue it says wireless key = wep key you put it in to the main wifi menu then you save it and restart the DS and you will go the gts-globel trade station and the trade place is at jubilife cit ( Full Answer )

How do you use wifi in Pokemon?

There are a couple of places you can use it. . The gts in jubilife city, . The contest hall, you can do a wireless communication contest or a wifi coontest . And last, you can use it on the menu where you choose your game file, mystery gift, migration, or WIFI.

What is the best Pokemon on wifi to get an aipom?

Try the GTS because most people ask for like the evolve of aipom wich is silly when they could just evolve aipom themselves but if u want aipom so much try getting an action replay it gives you a list of Pokemon just mark it and press select in talll grass and u have ambipom

How do you battle on WiFi on Pokemon diamond?

First you have to have wifi. If you do than you have to beat the game and go to the fight area. then go to the right for a while than go to the battle tower and chose battle using wifi.

Can you trade Pokemon without wifi?

yes You can trade Pokemon from another ds from 20M away The Pokemon game in the other ds has to be the same generation as yours You can't trade with a gameboy SP games ( Ruby Sapphire Emerald) Nds Pokemon games are: Heartgold Soulsilver Platinum Diamond Pearl

How do you battle on WiFi in Pokemon pearl?

register your friends in palpad and then as long as you and your friend has wireless modem.if its ds lite it needs wep security but after that just go downstairs of poke centre and you can talk through wifi & trade

How do you play on WiFi on Pokemon Diamond?

You can exchange friend codes with someone and battle or trade from far away or go to the wifi battles at the battle tower in the Fight Area. _______________________________________________________________________ Heres another question. HOW DO YOU CONNECT TO WIFI? and don't say "go talk to ( Full Answer )

How do you trade Pokemon without wifi?

Go to the Union room on the 2nd floor of the Pokemon centre. Talk to one of the people behind the counter, and you save the game blah, blah, blah, and then you go into the union room. but you have to be within 10m of the dude that you want to trade with.

When is the next Pokemon wifi event?

The Zoroark(English named not pronounced yet) or Zorua(e..............................) for Pokemon Black and White. ENJOY THE EVENT

Where WiFi plaza Pokemon platinum?

The wifi plaza is in the Pokemon center, the floor under nurse joy, and you go all the way to the clerk that has the different outfit on and she will take you there.

What do you need to get on to Nintendo WiFi in Pokemon platinum?

have Nintendo wifi at your house. DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . You don't need to have "Nintendo Wifi" at your house. You just need to be able to access an open source of WiFi, like from a coffee shop or a local McDonald's (they'll have a sign on the window saying "WE HAVE WIFI" or something li ( Full Answer )

What Pokemon are going to be available on WiFi in 2010?

If you mean the wifi trading, that would be every pokemon, otherwise, there is no answer to that, but there will probably be a celebi event with any luck, and maybe mew. These are just guesses.

How do you battle WiFi in Pokemon platinum?

go to the basement of any Pokemon center . go to the lady at the counter in the middle . ask the lady to go to the wi-fi club( you must be near a wi-fi hot spot and have that hot spot registered on your game to register you must click register when you are on the screen that you select continue on ( Full Answer )

How do get WiFi in Pokemon?

Well first you need to have a wireless router, or a Wi-fi USB stcik. Next, when u start the game up, go to Wi-fi connection settings or someting like that. Press the blue button and click one of the slots. Press search for access point. click on the internet thingy that came up and there u GO! If u ( Full Answer )

What do you do with WiFi on Pokemon Diamond?

You can trade, battle, and have voice chats with your friends over Wifi in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl, but to do so you need to know your friends' Friend Codes, and your friends need to know your Friend Code.

In Pokemon platinum who can you WiFi battle?

first you need to register a friend code in yo pal pad you need a friend of your who plays Pokemon you also need to give oyu r friend code to that person after doing that go into a Pokemon center (any) the go downstairs talk to the lady in the middle select the option go to wi fi club ( or ( Full Answer )

What are the WiFi envents for Pokemon SoulSilver?

So far the only one is the Yellow Forest. You can access it via Mystery Gift "Via Nintendo WFC" until 5/5/10. It is a new route on the pokewalker containing only Pikachu, including rare Pikachu that know either Surf or Fly.

How do you use the WiFi on Pokemon HeartGold?

First, make sure you have at least defeated the third gym. Then, go to the left of Goldenrod to the GTS Terminal. You can access Wi-Fi and set up the Wi-Fi from there.

How can you get get the wifi events in Pokemon soulsilver?

You need a wireless connection. When You start the game at the menu where you choose your save file, go down a little to wifi-settings and configure a slot. Then go to mystery gift and select receive from Nintendo wfc.

Do you need wifi to go on PlayStation network?

You need to access the internet from your PS3 to go to the PlayStation network from your PS3. It does not have to be WiFi it can also be ethernet cable, but nothing else

Does Pokemon Musical need Wifi connection?

no. you do not need it to do the musical but if you want to download new pieces of music you need to use the Global Link, which uses Wifi.

How battle with wifi on Pokemon White?

You go to the Pokemon center and talk to the person next to the globe. she will talk to you and you chose Random Match up.

Does an Ipad2 with WiFi have WiFi everywhere you go?

a device with wifi just means it CAN USE wifi. it allows you to connect to a wifi network and have internet access. Wifi is transmitted from a router. you can install a router in you home or go to a place that has one like mcdonalds or starbucks.

How can you get wifi to work on a Pokemon game?

You'll need the Access Point first and then you can get WiFi Connection. Search for a Access Point in the WiFi Connection Settings and look for one around in the house. (Usually by windows.) Once you do find one (that is unlocked) you can connect to it and you can use the WiFi.

Does the app xfinity go need wifi?

The Xfinity Go TV app requires a Wi-Fi connection in order to watchTV on it. You cannot stream TV shows over a mobile network withthis app.

Do you need wifi for Pokemon go?

You do not need wifi to play Pokémon GO, though it can helpincrease your device's location accuracy.

Do you need wifi to play Pokemon GO?

You do not need wifi in order to play, but having it turned on onyour device can help increase location accuracy.

Do you need WiFi for Pokemon GO to work?

No, you do not need WiFi for Pokemon Go to work. But, you do needcellular data to play, and it does use much of your cell data planmonthly.