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Quinn and Clayton do not die in One Tree Hill however they do get shot at the end of Season 7 but do recover after the first few episodes of Season 8

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No. Quinn does not die.

Shantel VanSanten plays Quinn James

Quinn doesn't die but she does get shot.

Quinn and Clayton get shot in Season 7 the last episode by this crazy stalker who looks like Clays wife who passed away. She has a mental problem and after realising she looks like her, she wants him, she manipulates Quinn's life however doesn't succeed and comes to the consent where she shots them both.

for my part i think only Quinn is going to live they cant do that to hailey again

that crazy tennis woman who looked like Clay's old wife.

No he doesn't but they do get married in the last episode of season 9.

Tree Hill its the name of the town and theres only one Tree Hill

No they don't, but it's a few episodes, in season 8, until they are both awake

The Name One Tree Hill comes the saying "There's only one Tree Hill" from Karen in season one.

No there will not be a season 10 of one tree hill

There are 8 season in one tree hill

There are 9 seasons of one tree hill.

2010 on monday at 21:00 when glee finishes. There are one tree hill episodes on weekdays at 7:00 on e4 aswell =) Im such a big one tree hill fan!!! Lucas and Payton arnt in it anymore tho =( but instead this guy called clay, a girl called Quinn and rachael is back!!!! Hope this helps:)

The town is called Tree Hill and in season one Karen tell Lucas: "There is only one Tree Hill, and it's your home".

Kate Voegele appears on One Tree Hill often, and is casted for the 9th season of One Tree Hill.

One Tree Hill is filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina. The town of Wilmington doubles as Tree Hill.

Well, there are actually heaps of trees in the little town of tree hill. The tv show title is that there is only one tree hill in the world.

Hayden Christensen was never in One Tree Hill.

Yes, there is a season 8 of One Tree Hill.

Yes, there is a season 8 of One Tree Hill.

Yes, there is a season 8 of One Tree Hill.

Who plays the model McKenna in one tree hill

One Tree Hill College was created in 1955.

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