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No. there were rumors circulating that she was indeed pregnant but she put those rumors to rest in ebony magazine and on tyra

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How many kids does Raven Symone have?

Raven Symone doesn't have any children.

How many children does raven symone have?

Raven Symone has two daughters.

How many kids does raven symone has?

Raven doesn't have any children.

Does raven symone have two babies?

No she doesn't have any children.

Does Raven Symone have any siblings?

NO!Raven Symone has brother his name is Blaze

Do any of the Cheetah Girls have children?

yes raven symone has 1 child

Dose raven symone have children?


What are the names of raven symone children?

none she has no kids

What is raven symones baby name?

Raven-Symone is an American actress, best known for her role on the Disney show That's So Raven. She does not have any children.

What that so raven real name raven symone?

raven symone

Age of raven symone?

Raven Symone is 22 YEARS OLD FOR SURE...

Does raven symone have 2 kids by lil fizz?

21 year old Raven Symone has 2 children but NOT wit lil fizz

How old are raven symone's children?

no raven symone does not have a 6 year old daughter

Is Raven Symone pregnant?

No, Raven Symone is not married.

Is raven symone 21?

No, Raven Symone is not 21

Does raven symone have 2 kids?

NO. she has no children according to reports

Do raven symone have any kids?


Does raven symone have any cousins?


Is raven symone mixed?

No....Raven Symone is 100% black

Raven-Symone life on that's so raven?

Well it seems like Raven Symone is the fashion diva and she knows how to do her thing. P.S I Raven Symone

Is raven symone married have kids?

raven is not married and she don't have any kids

A picture of raven symone daughter?

Raven Symone have 2 daughters

What year was raven symone born in?

Raven-Symone was born in 1985

Does Raven Symone lip sync?

No, Raven Symone does not lip sync.

Did Raven Symone have A baby at 18?

yes raven symone had a baby