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Yes he does, he really lives in London, but London is part of England.

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Where did Robert Ardrey live?

Robert Pattinson lives in the US but is from and used to live in London, England

What state does Robert Pattinson live in?

he lives in London, England!

What part of England is Robert Pattinson from?

Robert Pattinson was born in the capital city of England, London.

Does Robert Pattinson like England?

robert pattinson really likes england. england is where he was born and forever be in his heart.

Where does Robert Pattinson exactly live in England?

He Does not exactly live in England he travels to place to place so really no were

Is Robert Pattinson a German?

No! Robert Pattinson is from London in England. He is British

What languages can Robert Pattinson speak?

Robert Pattinson is from England and speaks english.

Does Robert Pattinson have an axent?

Robert Pattinson has a British accent because he was born in England

Where does Robert Pattinson live in?

He lives in London,England and L.A (but I think more in London,England. I'm not sure)

Is Robert Pattinson a Muslim?

No, he is from England.

Where did Robert Pattinson grow up?

Robert Pattinson grew up in Barnes, London, England.

Where was rbert pattinson born?

Robert Pattinson was born in London, England.

Does Robert Pattinson live in England or US?

Robert Pattinson was born in England and he travels from one to the other. He shoots the twilight movie around the u.s.a area and places in Vancouver and comes back to England for breaks. Sometimes he takes Kristen Stewart with him. He goes to England for a break! :)

What city and what state does Robert Pattinson live in?

Robert lives in London,England,UK and L.A (I dont know where he is more often)

Does Robert Pattinson live in Washington?

only if he's doing a movie there. if he is between movies, or is filming one in England, he lives in England

What is Robert Pattinson's ethnicity?

Robert Pattinson was born in London, England.

Why Robert Pattinson became famous in USA and not England?

Robert Pattinson is famous in England, but he was famous in America first because Twilight came out in America first.

Where was Robert Pattinson discovered?

He was discovered in London, England

Where was Robert Pattinson born?

Barnes, London, England

What country is Robert Pattinson from?

He was born in London, England.

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