Does Saint Joan of Arc have any symbols?

The Cross of Lorraine is part of the heraldic arms of Lorraine in eastern France. It was originally held to be a symbol of Joan of Arc.

The Cross of Lorraine is a heraldic cross. The "double cross" consists of a vertical line crossed by two smaller horizontal bars. In the ancient version, both bars were of the same length. In 20th century use it is displayed as "graded", where the lower bar is longer than the upper, thus resembling a patriarchal cross, the crossbars of which, however, are both nearer the top.

The flag of Free France featured a red Cross of Lorraine on a standard Flag of France.

There are several. THE Fleur de Lis and also the cross of Lorraine are associatee with the French female Knight. Her personal coat of arms, in Blue and White, has two fleurs de lis in white- with a sword pointing straight up- and either a crown or a ring ( a Medieval target sport that survived on carousels) balanced on top. there is also a gold and white= blue field variant. The cross of Lorraine is associated with Joan of Arc and also several religious orders which bear her name. As she was a martial type- a sword is also a symbol, but we also have such ( Holy Knights) as St. Louis. so there it goes.