Does Sasuke turn good

Updated: 10/5/2023
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no one knows yet, but possibly he does,

ive heard that sasuke and naruto work together at one point to kill Madara, so yeh iunno. It'll probably be decided when Naruto and Sasuke fight again.

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i had heard that naruto defeats sasuke then whle naruto is aboout to lose against kabuto sasuke will help out but sadly he will die

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Q: Does Sasuke turn good
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Do Sasuke ever becume good?

I don't think Sasuke will ever turn good because the past few years he has become eviler and evil and he going into the darkest.

Does sauske ever turn good again?

sasuke says hes going to be like his brother itachi and put his self over the village since itachi thought sasuke was more important then the village sasuke said he vows to destroy the hidden leaf

Can Sasuke turn into a Super Saiyan?

Of course not!

Why did Sasuke turn to orichimaru on Naruto?

For power. Orochimaru told Sasuke he could help, and so to avenge his clan and defeat his brother, sasuke turns to orochimaru.

How does Sasuke turn to curse mark Sasuke in bleach vs naruto How do you get all player's on Naruto vs bleach?

Well to turn into sasuke in bleach vs naruto just press jk at the same time to transform same to ichigo and naruto

A good team to unlock Sasuke cursed sealed?

naruto(s),sasuke and temari or gaara,rock lee and sasuke

Need good team with Sasuke in it on naruto arena?

team 7- naruto, sasuke, sakura or... sasuke, dosu and tayuya this is what i think

Will naruto return on tv on 2013?

Yes there will come new tv series. The series unkown sources tell me that Sasuke will turn good again.

Will Naruto defeat Sasuke?

if NARUTO can turn into the 9tail fox he will defeat SASUKE and if he can also train well without using the 9tail fox chakra he might have a chance of defeating SASUKE

What does ohayo Sasuke mean in Japanese?

おはよう、佐助 (ohayou, sasuke) means "Good Morning, Sasuke".

Do Naruto now that itach killed sasuke parents?

Turn to the left

Well really nobody but i think Ino and Sasuke are a good match?

Sasuke obviously doesn't have time for girls, and Ino has realized that sasuke is evil