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NO!, and Kingdom Hearts 3 is not a game.

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Q: Does Sora die in Kingdom Hearts 3?
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Does Sora die in kingdom hearts 1and 2 and 3?

No, Sora never actually dies.

Is Sora in Kingdom Hearts 3?

There is a Kingdom Hearts 3 called: Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories for PS2.

Did Sora die in Kingdom Hearts 3?

No he didn't,he will come back if they make kindom hearts 4.

In Kingdom Hearts whuch characters die?

in kingdom hearts 3, sora isn't in kingdom hearts partial he kills himself to be reborned to make sure kairi is alive. riku is in the side of the darkness, riku is half of sora and sora is the future leader in organization XIII

Will Haley Joel Osment be in Kingdom Hearts 3?

Yes, he will voice Sora in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Will Sora be in kingdom hearts 3 for ps2?

it's for ps3 & wii but sora will be in it

What happens to roxas in Kingdom Hearts 3?

Roxas(Sora's Nobody) went back to Sora in Kingdom Hearts 2. As for what happens to him in Kingdom Hearts 3 no one knows because the game hasnt came out yet....

What are the 3 main characters of kingdom hearts?

Sora, Kairi and Riku

Who will be the main character in Kingdom Hearts 3?

I think still Sora

Does Ventus die in Kingdom Hearts 3?

No because kingdom hearts 3 is related to kingdom hearts birth by sleep but Ventus lost his heart in Ventus's secret ending when Ventus gave Sora his heart, Aqua put Ventus into this dome like where Roxas found Sora in it in kingdom hearts 2. Aqua bilt that to make Ventus heal in Aqua's secret ending.

Is Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories also known as Kingdom Hearts 3?

No, Chain of Memories is another game that is about the story about Sora between Kingdom Hearts 1 and Kingdom Hearts 2.

How old is Sora in Kingdom Hearts 3?

Sora is not featured in Kingdom Hearts 3 because it is titled as "358 / 2 Days". He is about 14/15 years of age at the time that story takes place.

Does Roxas die in kingdom hearts 3?

No, unless Sora dies. But, Roxas can't really "die" since he was never alive to begin with.

Will you use Sora in Kingdom Hearts 3?

no you play as 3 characters Ventus (Ven) Aqua Terra and its no kh3 its kingdom hearts birth by sleep

Do you play as Sora in Kingdom Hearts 3?

*NO SPOILERS*Yes. Many people mistake Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep for Kingdom Hearts III. Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep is a prequel to the first Kingdom Hearts explaining Sora's past and focusing on three new protagonists: Terra Aqua and Ven. This is commonly referred to as Kingdom Hearts 3, because of the secret video trailer at the end of Kingdom Hearts II. Kingdom Hearts III is not officially started yet, but Tetsuya Nomura has stated in interviews that Kingdom Hearts III will focus on Sora once again, saying that "...Sora will remain the hero until the end." He also said that many more games will come after Kingdom Hearts III, so fear not.

Kingdom Hearts 2?

Kingdom hearts 2 is a game that helps continue wat happened before on kingdom hearts 1 when sora went to kingdom hearts to find his friends. But in the first game he only got 1 friend back on the other side. And that side was at there island. So now in kingdom hearts 2 sora has to find his other friend named riku. And this time sora and the others find more secrets that were kept. And sora is going to find out that riku never wanted sora to find him and that sora and a girl that's friends with and her name is kairi that they both have nobody's that helps sora to his quest. And in the second game of kingdom hearts in the end they all go back to the island but the adventure doesn't stop there. Its not a rumor but kingom hearts 3 is going to come out for the ps3 its call kingdom hearts 3 birth by sleep.

Is Sora in Kingdom Hearts 3 Birth at Sleep?

nope,Birth by Sleep will take place ten years before the original Kingdom Hearts. But He Is 4 Years Old. And So Is Riku.Yes, Sora is a character in Kingdom Hearts:Birth By Sleep, however, he is only 4 years old since the game is set 10 years before the events of Kingdom Hearts. Please note that Sora is not a playable character in BBS, and Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep is not Kingdom Hearts III. It is unknown when Kingdom Hearts III will be released, but it is confirmed that it will be about Sora after the events of Kingdom Hearts II(Do not confuse Kingdom Hearts 3DS with Kingdom Hearts III).

Who is the main character of Kingdom Hearts 3?

Although Kingdom Hearts III has not been started, we know that Sora will be the main character. In an interview with Tetsuya Nomura, he stated that Sora will always be the hero of Kingdom Hearts. ...It's not the case that when Sora's story is over another hero's story will begin; Sora will be the hero until the end. -Tetsuya Nomura

Does Sora and kairi go out in kingdom hearts 3?

As of right now, we don't know

Day Release of kingdom heart 3?

There is no Kingdom Hearts 3. All of those videos and pictures are fanmade believe it or not. Besides Sora isn't even in the next Kingdom Hearts.

Who is the main character in Kingdom Hearts 3?

Roxas, or also known as Sora's Nobody. Kingdom Hearts 3 is titled as "358 / 2 Days" for the Nintendo DS.

Will riku die in Kingdom Hearts 3?

there is a kingdom hearts 3 for the ps3 but we dont kno if riku dies in kingdom hearts 3

Is Sora in the new Kingdom Hearts?

Maybe, but it depends on which game your talking about. Kingdom Hearts Birth by sleep Sora is just a little kid that you meet at Destiny Islands for like 5 mins and for Kingdom Hearts 3, He should be the main character in it. I don't see why he wouldn't be.

What is the plot in Kingdom Hearts 3?

Ok. The plot for Kingdom hearts is that Sora, Riku, and Kairi get a letter from King Mickey (just like any other kingdom hearts) and go to different worlds. It is Sooo Romantic with Sora and Kairi! I can't wait 'till it comes out!

Sora in kh 3?

Kingdom Hearts III isn't out yet. No official word was made.