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There is a real product called Spanish fly, but whether it works depends to what extent and how you define it working. It is NOT safe for use in humans. The active ingredient is cantharadin, an irritant/blistering agent. It causes an irritation of the urethra (the tube through which urine and semen pass) which can be mistaken for sexual stimulus. However, ask anyone who's had a urinary tract infection whether that was sexually stimulating! In larger doses it can KILL a person.

Spanish Fly is used in the mating of bulls to induce sexual excitement in the *animal*. Professional breeders might use this from time to time--however, it can seriously injure or kill a human, so it's use as an aphrodisiac in humans is mostly a myth.

To the original question -- define "work"! Does sending someone to the emergency room with kidney damage count as working? Since it is used in inducing bulls to mate, so in some sense it "works". And it has a long history of usage for the purpose -- but imagine now that the act is done -- and the irritation does not turn off! Does that count as "work"?

Since it is illegal for general sale, the odds are that anything you might buy is something less harmful (and less effective). But why take a chance?

If you are thinking of giving it to someone unawares -- that's awful. That's a serious criminal act, beyond the shear cruelty and immorality of the act. The Marquis de Sade was sentenced to death for that (overturned on appeal).

If you think you might have been dosed with it, seek immediate emergency medical treatment. As noted above, it can be lethal.

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Q: Does Spanish fly work
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