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No...he isn't married

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Q: Does Steve Taneyhill have any children?
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Where was Steve Taneyhill born?

Altoona, Pennsylvania

What number was Steve Taneyhill in college?

number 18 at SC

Who was the 1995 quarterback for the University of South Carolina?

Steve Taneyhill, a senior, was quarterback of the 1995 Gamecocks.

Did Steve Taneyhill play in the NFL?

WLAF QB for the Frankfurt Galaxy . Cut from the Jacksonville Jaguars practice squad.

Did Steve taneyhill graduate for college?

Rumor is that he did not graduate from college. Even though he goes in public and says that he does.

Does actor Steve reeves have any children?

Steve Reeves never had children.

Who was the South Carolina quarterback in the 1995 Car Quest Bowl?

Steve Taneyhill who threw for 1 TD and ran for another and was named MVP of the game.

Does Steve perry have any children?

No, as of 2014 Steve Perry does not have any children and is not married. He is known for being the lead singer of Journey.

Has Steve McFadden from eastenders got any children?

Yes, Steve McFadden from Eastenders does have 4 children.

Has Steve Redgrave got any children?

Yes, Sir Steve has three children. Natalie, Sophie and Zak.

Has Steve backshall got any children?

Steve backshall has 2 children, both boys, their names are loo and ser LOL

Does steve perry have children?

No, as of 2014 Steve Perry does not have any children and is not married. He is known for being the lead singer of Journey.

What has the author R H Taneyhill written?

R. H. Taneyhill has written: 'The Leatherwood god, 1869-70' -- subject(s): History, Dylksites

Which quarterback led the Gamecocks to their 1995 CarQuest Bowl victory?

Junior QB Steve Taneyhill was named MVP of the 1995 Carquest Bowl won by the Gamecocks over WVU 24-21.

Did Steve Carlton have any children?

Yes, two boys

Are there any pictures of Steve Hawkins children and their mother?


Does Steve Wozniak have any children?

Yes he had 3 children Sarah Tim and John Wozniak

Did Steve Reeves have any children?

No. He said he had no children when asked during a personal appearance with Gordon Scott in 1994 in Kentucky.

Did Ernie Davis have any children?

Yes, Tom Bobby and Steve

How many children does Steve Scully have?

Steve Scully has 4 children

How many children does Steve Zahn have?

Steve Zahn has 2 children

How many children does Steve King have?

Steve King has 3 children

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