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Yes, he wears hair extensions.

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Q: Does Steven Tyler wear a hair piece or hair extensions?
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Is steven tyler bottom layer of hair dyed or is it extensions?

It's died.

Is steven tylers hair natural?

Yes. He does wear extensions, though.

What is a hair piece?

A hair piece can be a full wig, a partial wig, or strands of hair to be added to your own hair.

Who started the hair feather trend?

ke$ha and steven tyler

Where can one find cheap hair extensions?

With hair extensions, a cheaper piece doesn't mean better. A decent hair extension can be bought for about thirty dollars from most beauty supply stores.

Can you use heat and curl toni brattin hair extensions?

No, I read somewhere where it ruined the hair piece so I would not attempt it..

Does Marion Barber have extensions in his hair?


Does steven tyler have hair extensions?

yep its real, him and joe both dye it browns and the like but its real. hes stuck with the long hair for over 40 years lol. apparently it got thinner because in the late 70s he was sunbathing and didnt cover his head so when he woke up, clumps of hair fell out, that's why in "lightning strikes" he wore his hair up. :)

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Does Britney Spears have long hair again or is she wearing Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions!

How should your hair be cut to wear extensions?

You do not have to have your hair cut at all to wear hair extensions.

Can you scrunch hair extensions?

If you mean crop or curl hair extensions then no, unless the extensions are made from real hair. That is because the hair used in extensions are fake and plastic-like, so they will melt if you get them too hot.