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Q: Does The Illuminati Society exist in todays world?
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Who is the Illuminati and what is their time frame to acquiring total world domination?

The Illuminati is a dead secret society from 18th century Bavaria. Their "time frame" is past, defunct, dead as they are. The Illuminati no longer exist, so they are logistically incapable of acquiring anything, much less world domination.

Does the Illuminati want to take over the world?

No, not especially. See, the Illuminati would have to exist. What does not exit is not able to desire anything.

How many European footballers are members of Illuminati?

Exactly none. No European footballers are members of the Illuminati. The Illuminati, the super secret world controlling power brokers, do not exist.

Is the Illuminati organization a secret society running our world not the elected governments?


Is 30 Seconds to Mars a part of illuminati?

As far as the members of 30 Seconds to Mars affiliation with the Freemasons, only those members and the Freemasons know for certain. The Masons are a secret society and do not generally share membership rolls. Regarding membership in the Illuminati, that's a bit easier, none of them. The Illuminati does not exist, so no one is a member.

Which world leaders are Illuminati?

Exactly none of them. One cannot be a member of what does not exist.

What do Illuminati believe will happened to the world?

Nothing. What does not exist cannot "believe" anything.

How will the Illuminati enforce the New World Order?

Two problems here:A secret society that lets out its secrets is not very secret. Truthfully, if there were a NWO or Illuminati, and they were as powerful as some claim they are, it is highly unlikely that we groundlings would have even the slightest clue to there plans.The Illuminati do not exist, so enforcing the NWO would be problematic.

Is the Illuminati going to end the world 2012?

Although it is a foregone conclusion (world's still here as of May 2013), no. Since the Illuminati doesn't exist, they can't even end a conversation.

Is George W. Bush an Illuminati member?

George W. Bush is a member of a secret society, but it is not the Illuminati.

Does Illuminati really control the world?

Nope. No one can control everything, least of all a super secret society that does not exist, no matter how much power some choose to believe such a fictitious group might have.

What are some opinions about the Illuminati?

That they exist - when in actuality they do not.That they secretly control the world - when in truth they do not existThat they are planning on destroying all but 500,000 people - which is not possible because they do not exist.There is an obvious common thread here - THE ILLUMINATI DO NOT EXIST.