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I don't think Triple H hates him, but there may be a grudge there, simply becaus Dwayne left the business for acting, and basically used the business as a stepping stone to a big moviestar career,which many wrestlers,not just Triple H, find deplorable. Many of these guys have dedicated themselves to this sport, and to see someone with a huge fanbase such as The Rock turn his back on them so easily, it upsets them. So, if Triple H is angry with The Artist Formerly Known As The Rock, he is most likely not the only one.

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Is the rock and john cena friends in real life?

they have a mutual love-hate relationship in real life. they both however do respect each other

What real life rock stars appear in Mark Wahlberg's movie Rock Star?

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Are john cena and the rock at war in real life?


Does Tom Cruise have a tattoo?

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Why does the rock hate john cena?

the rock is jealous of him

Who won the match the rock vs Triple H?

the rock won with his last move rock bottom if you want to see it go on utube and type in rock vs triple h

Does John Cena like the rock?

I'm sure they are friends in real life.

Who is better rock Leone or pegasus?

in real life its Leone but in the show its pegasus

Why does the rock dis-like john cena?

They are friends in real life .

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When was I Hate Rock 'n' Roll created?

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When was Hate Rock 'n' Roll created?

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Who was more wins head to head the rock or Triple H?

Triple h does

What is your mock rock like real rock?

Mock rock vs. Real rock

Does the rock really hate john cena?

no. the rock does for taking his finisher.

Did the rock ever beat Triple H?

Over the Edge 1999. When Owen hard died. I think Rock beat Triple H by disqualification.

Who is better.HHH or The Rock?

HHH by far and if the rock isint down with that triple h has two words for the rock

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First, find real friends. Second, get help. And finally, get a life.

Are Shane and Mitchie dating in Camp Rock 2?

Yes and they're dating in real life...

Why does the rock dislike Shawn michaels according to the wrestling observer?

Apparently Shawn Michaels was a real shady to the Rock back when he first came to the WWF. He tried to bury him (kind of like HHH vs. Booker T I guess) because Michaels saw The Rock as a threat to Triple H behind the scenes. It doesn't matter what Michaels and Triple H thought, because The Rock surpassed them anyways.

Who are the family members of Chris Rock?

Real life names of Chris Rock's Siblings... Mother: Rose Rock Brother's: Tony and Jarod Rock That's all I remember

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Is camp rock a real camp?

yes Camp rock is real

What protein supplements does rock and Triple H use?

does triple h has a wife wayback who use to wresting.where is she?