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not in the Zelda series they don't.

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โˆ™ 2010-07-28 22:22:26
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Q: Does Zelda and link kiss?
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Does link and Zelda kiss on Zelda ocarina of time?

no it doesnt show them kissing on Zelda and if Zelda and link could kiss they would lol but no it will never happen it only shows Zelda and link staring at each other and that's it

Is link from Zelda gay?

No, he has asked for a kiss from Zelda on occasion

Do link and Zelda ever kiss in the old Zelda cartoon?


Does link kiss Zelda in the twilight princess?

no she does not

Do Zelda and link kiss in the twilight princess?


Do Link and Zelda kiss?

well,they don't do it occasionally (or even at all)I've never saw Zelda kiss, link kiss Zelda or they both make out.To tell you the truth they would make a good couple but they don't like each other "that way".

Does Zelda kiss link?

it depends on the gamein wind waker they do ;)

Did link ever kiss Zelda in the mouth?

No. But I think he was close.

Does link ever kiss anybody?

Actually, yes! At the end of Zelda 2: The Adventure Of Link, once you've beaten the entire game, Zelda and Link kiss! I'm pretty sure they go on to get married too...

Does link kiss Zelda in twilight princess?

There is no love whatsoever between them in the game. So no he doesn't kiss her.

Do Zelda and link ever kiss?

I recall that at the end of Legend of Zelda II: Link's Adventure, it is implied that Zelda kisses Link as the curtain is near the stage floor. Outside of that, nothing stands out.

Will link and Zelda share a passionate kiss in the next game?

Well maybe not a "passionate" kiss. but who knows? a peck on the cheek is a possibility

Will link and Zelda share a passionate kiss in the next game.?

Dude they totally will. Eventually. Or I'll be mad...

Does link ever kiss Zelda?

not that i have ever seen. though i do think she kisses him in the manga of OoT for luck.

Will Zelda ever kiss link?

well they are from the same royal family so I dont think so :(

Why does Link from the Legend of Zelda beg for kisses from princess Zelda?

She is beautiful and he truly loves her. Plus, he thinks he deserves a kiss for all his hard work saving her.

Will link and Zelda?

will link and Zelda what? No. The answer is Chuck Norris.

What is a good video to watch of link and Zelda kissing?

well go to youtube and type up The legend of the kiss

Is Zelda 2 also called Zelda a link 2 the past?

No. A Link to the Past is the third installment of the Adventures of Zelda. The first is simply The Adventures of Zelda. The second is Zelda II: The Adventures of Link.

Will Zelda and link ever kiss?

Probably! While Link and Zelda are never shown actually kissing during the games, it's quite obvious they have a "Thing" for eachother. So, I guess you just have to wait for future games to see if it happens!

Are Zelda and Link siblings?

Zelda and link ,No, they aren't siblings. but link has a little sister in windwaker

Does Link know that Zelda is Sheik?

In The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Link finds out that Zelda is Sheik, but only towards the very end of the game does Zelda reveal herself to Link.

Is Zelda a boy or girl?

Zelda is the elf girl. They changed the names with Link and Zelda. The true answer is... Zelda is the (girl) elf and Link is the (boy) elf.

Who does link from the Legend of Zelda love?

Link is a main Character from the legen of Zelda series and his love is well Zelda He does but also in some games Zelda is not seen as much therefore Link would not love her

What is The difference between Zelda and link?

link is the character you play as but Zelda is the princess you have to save