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Does a 2003 olds alero have a chip in the key?


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according to my gm dealer it does not. The passlock system is in the ignition cylinder

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I called the dealership and they said no to confirm I gave them VIN it does not have a chip in it.

No. The suburban didn't get a transponder key until 2007.

The key has a built in Chip and can only be purchased from a Olds. dealer cost is around $21. edit The ignition actually uses PKII (pk2)system. There is not a resistor in the key. The chip is on the key lock cylinder not the key. Dealer is still the best place to get them. Last one I got was 9 dollars.

A malfunction of the Sentry Key system (key with a theft chip in it)A malfunction of the Sentry Key system (key with a theft chip in it)

Yes, it is part of a very complicated & VERY TROUBLESOME system known as passlock. If you google this system you will find it's a typical problem on this model,but, you can also find enough info there to diagnose & repair yourself.

it shuts off when you open the driver side door....

Most of them, yes. If the key is grey, or is the big key with built in remote then definatly yes.

yes,im not sure if model matters but the chip is in the rubber part of the key,there should be a black and a grey key(valet key) for the 1999 and up models.dont set your keys on any magnets

Went to home depot, had a key made for a dollar. Works great in my 2003 impala, 3.4.

No, not any of the Saturn ION's manufactured by GM have chip keys, regardless of the model year.

No it does not have a chip in the key. www.keylessride.com

That vehicle does not have an immobilizer, ensure chip contacts are clean and also ensure chip is in center of key before inserting into ignition. "SECURITY" light should not appear if you do it properly. (If you are trying to steal the car you need to get a life!)

It could. A gray key does have a chip, a black key does not.

you are going to have to go to a Nissan dealership and buy another key because they have a chip in them is why you have to go to a dealer.

cause its having trouble reading the chip in the key,,im sure your security light was on too when it happened...

i need a schematic of steering colum for a 2003 tahoe so I can replace the key chip

Its a programmable chip inside of the key .

The chip key system can not be bypassed. The engine computer will not allow the vehicle to start with out a good key message from the chip key computer.

If you try to make a second key at walmart they will insert it into an electronic box first to see if it has a chip or not.If it does,they will not be allowed to make a key and you will have to go to the dealer which will be quite costly.If it doesn't they will make you a key.I had two made for my 2004

yes, in the inside of you car key there will be a small microchip, even the most basic keys were introduced int the erly 90s if i am not mistaken :)

It a stupid security feature... All you have to do is to keep the key in the on position after trying to start the car. You will See a security light flash for exactly 10 mins, then turn it all the way off and it will start. Your car no longer recognizes the key.

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