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Unless they lose it all (money,home,family etc..) or become severely disabled or have a true life changing religious experience (due to the above circumstances probably)- THEY WON'T ever be a normal person. I am very sorry to say that Narcissistic people will never be cured. They get much worse the older they get. I have spoken to several counselors who have tried treating them but they said it was nearly impossible since they twist everything around and do not believe thay are that way in the first place. The best advise is to stay clear of them all together. They are emotional vampires and will suck you dry and toss you out when you have no more supply to give them.

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Q: Does a Narcissist ever become a normal person?
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Do narcissist ever stop being a narcissist?

No - absolutely not....

Will the children and adults with autism ever be normal?

It depends what you mean by "normal". If by normal you are asking if autistic people will ever become neurotypical - no, that's like asking if black people can ever become white. Who wants to be normal anyway?

Can a narcissist ever be a lover?

Who to?

Can you become addicted to a narcissist?

It is very easy to become addicted to a narcissist as they make everyday life seem eventful and exciting with their lack of normal restraints and boundaries. Life without their huge highs and lows may seem dull and grey in comparison, but you must always focus on the trail of misery and destruction the narcissist leaves in their path.answerThe above statement seems to refer to a person with bipolar disorder, and not a narcissist. A narcissist believes he or she is the greatest thing to ever exist. In my opinion, it would be difficult to become addicted to a narcissist, unless you are masochistic and enjoy being second best at everything. yes you can because that's what they do first they seduce you little by little they are not themselves then is just a mask they give you attention nice talks look like they are your friend tell sad storyes about their childhoo how their wife don't care about them and are selfish etc...and then you are hooked they push and pull when you want to stop with them they say see how selfish you are you don't get what you want you are leaving feel guilty you stay ...and don't forget you love this person and they do make you addicted with their so called love in the seduction fase

Can a narcissist ever be faithful to one person both the narcissist and the one he's in a relationship with are not married but he continues to try to develop other relationships can he change?

He probably can be physically faithfully but emotionally he is only faithful to one person- Himself. Walk away honey, you deserve better.

What does an ugly person eat?

an ugly person eats what ever a normal person, but it's much uglyer!!!!!

Will a narcissist ever return to his former supply after she has been devaluated?

Yes. They will return for many years, to torture the devalued, if they can, especially if the narcissist is a psychopath. My ex-narcissist expressed it himself very well. He just said, "I am a very evil person, and I enjoy making people suffer." Basically he will return if he thinks he can get anything out of, sex, or a place to stay, for himself or his new girlfriend. And narcissists may alternate between vaulation and devaluation over and over, especially with people who cannot get away from him, such as blood relatives. If the person is currently useful to the narcissist, he will be valued. Once the narcissist is done, or if the person criticizes or tells the narcissist "no", they are devalued all over again.

Has any spouse of a Narcissist ever felt that their spouse was flirting with other women in front of them?

Well of course. That's a how a narcissist valids himself.

What is a person who eats far too much?

They then become a creature so horribly offensive and smelly that no normal human will ever make love to them again. Unless you Freddy Mercury.

Is it ever too late to become a nice person?


Is a narcissist ever satisfied with one person for life?

Sure, themselves. Seriously, though, there is no black and white definition of narcissism that overrides any other traits about that person. Obviously some narcissists can find the right person and stay with them.

Who is the youngest person ever to become a billionaire in America?

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Will a narcissist ever change his way of life?

NO! They are INCAPABLE of change. get away from him asap!

If I was the best thing to ever happen to my narcissist boyfriend and loved him unconditionally and catered to his every whim then why did he cheat on me with a friend discard me and never look back?

If he was a narcissist, then nothing you did could ever be a good as he knew he "deserved." So he looked elsewhere, which he'll probably keep doing for the rest of his life, no matter how well the woman he's with treats him.He wanted something other than what he got from you. I think it's the same answer regardless of his psychiatric diagnosis, if any. It would be harder to please a narcissist than the average person. The person trying to please a narcissist wouldn't get empathy back, among other things, so it might be for the best to have a narcissist leave you. But I don't think the trigger for that happening is much different than any other relationship.

Why does your penis hurt when your dog licks it?

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Can the narcissist ever become himself and he is a narcissist and so is his mother he seems to look to her for acceptance can he change if she accepts him?

I don't think so. How can change occur in narcissist whose mother is a narcissist as well, even if she accepts him? The very sickness comes from that lack of emotional support given by the mother at the most crucial time, birth. My mother in law has damaged my husband so much that because he is a product of his environment, he had dished out his madness upon me and his children. Sadly, I am the one who had the mental breakdown and has suffered so much. Is there really help for a narcissist?

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Will a narcissist ever love you?

No. They have zero concept of what it means to love another human being.

Do narcissists or people with PDs try to rekindle relationships even if they've been dumped?

A "true" narcissist will always, without fail, attempt to hang onto any relationship in which the narcissist gains "narcissistic supply." A "true" narcissist will not be deterred! They will do what it takes, say what it takes and follow-up with whatever actions are necessary to hang onto narcissistic supply. They will attempt to rekindle the broken relationship because they do not accept the fact that the relationship is over. If you respond in any calls, text messages, letters...etc...the narcissist accepts this as proof that he still holds some interest in your life. He will remain relentless in his attempt to gain any attention whatsoever from his! You may find it flattering that someone seems so attached to you that they will do anything to keep you around, but just know that you are not a human being in the sense that we are human beings. People, to the "true" narcissist", are simply objects in which to gain the attention they so desperately crave. If you can accept that fact (and it is a fact) feel free to continue a relationship with a narcissist. However, if you ever wish to have a meaningful and intimate relationship, you should search out and find a healthy human being. The narcissist will always be a narcissist and there is nothing in the world that will change that fact. Nothing! It is unfortunate because, generally speaking, narcissists are talented, charming and successful people. They simply do not possess empathy or compassion for any human on the planet. Those emotions are not present in the narcissist nor will they ever become present. The part of the psychological make up found in normal-healthy minds is absolutely missing in the narcissist. EXAMPLE: If a person were born without legs, that person could have artificial legs attached. However, the artificial legs will never "grow" naturally. A person born without empathy or the capacity to love does have the ability to observe the behaviors of others who feel empathy and love. The narcissist can learn to mimick the behaviors of empathy and love. The narcissist will never have the ability to "grow" feelings of empathy or love. That simple!

Do lesbians ever change from being a lesbian and become normal?

Lesbians are normal you stupid ignorant homophobic!!! People are born lgbt they dont just choose it.

Does a narcissist ever feel guilty to the point of giving expensive guilt presents in a relationship?

A narcissist may give expensive gifts, but only as a means of psychological manipulation, not out of guilt. A true narcissist thinks only of him or herself, and therefore is incapable of feeling guilt.

Why can't the narcissist stop lying?

The narcissist has become so disillusioned that he believes in statements with no logical basis. == Lying is a trait and vehicle which narcissists have acquired for self-preservation. It is a cover that works time and again until their credibility is impeached by facts. Because a narcissist doubts himself and has little or no self- regard, he doesn't believe anyone else will accept him also. Lying props him up to the outside world. However, when his cover is blown and the truth rears its ugly head, the narcissist is so ashamed that he withdraws from the person who exposed the truth about him. prior to the exposure of the truth, the narcissist believes no one will ever know, and is completely overwhelmed that his lack of integrity is exposed. he does have a conscience, generally concerning what others think of him. when he realizes his reputation has been tainted by his lying, he cannot accept responsibility for his own self-destructive behavior...ever! he rationalizes it is that disloyal nasty person who found him out and couldn't keep a secret. distorted thinking is a form of lying also. "when you lie down with dogs, you wake up with fleas.'

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Will a somatic narcissist ever come back after you dump them?

Not normally, but it usually depends on in which way you dump them