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Does a bat see with its ears?


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No, A bat is actually not blind.. it can see at night, but during the day it sleeps and that's where they came up with the fact that bats are blind in which case they are not..

When interviewed on the subject, Shawn DeCoste thought, "Actually bats have their brains developed to favor their hearing over their vision so much that it actually renders them blind in the eyes, but not in the ears. Their ears are built more like the sensory system in a dolphin or a whale that can just ping the sea and see the whole ocean floor in three dimension, in a place where a species might not want to rely so heavily on the eyes, like the dark. A shark can do something similar with his sense of taste and smell, like a cockroach. The government has developed many amazing technologies based on these sensory systems to be able to see in places where they otherwise might not be able to see. Unfortunately, they're mostly classified." Shawn goes on to mention that he has schizophrenia and he is also a genius. You can learn more about him at

When a bat screams the lights go on... and when the scream bounces back to their ears they have a 3-D map that they can navigate with their built in GPS systems. If the object moves than it makes a noise of its own that puts it right on the map.

yes. bats see with their ears.

Yes, in the metaphorical sense. Bats use echo location to form an image of their surroundings. They send out a chirp and they process the reflected sound. If you want to call that "seeing" you'll not find many people who will disagree. I'd suggest that you simplify that contention by saying they "hear" with their ears.

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It depends on how fast sound travels. It takes a certain amount of time for the sound to come off the bat and into your ears.

It can see its preys at night also it can do echolocation. They have sharp ears to listen also sharp eyes so that they can see at night.

Not all bats have small ears. In fact, many have quite large ears. The spotted bat and Townsend's bat (just to name a few) have ears that touch the middle of the back when laid flat. These bats can also roll their ears to help protect them from the cold or during periods of rest.

Bats hear with their ears and echolocation; it picks up vibrations and then waits for them to come back to the ear. See the related question below.

Don't trust the name of this flying mammal!The long eared bat actually has smaller ears than you think! Much smaller...

i think a bat , cats, and dogs

Bat is a mammal. The ears of bats are very well developed for echolocation. So the bat should have well developed version of the same three ear bones that you have in your ears.

You can get bat ears by either going to super power island, then into the costume shop, OR, if you want a different style, you can also go into the temple in Shark Tooth island and jump around n the part that you need the password for, and you may be able to find Bat-Guy, from whom you can also have bat wings.

Bring a UV flashlite and shine it on the bat. If it's a vampire bat it will burn up. Also, fruit bats have heads that are kindof like fox heads, with dog-like noses and ears, where vampire bats have the upturned nose and their ears are more like holes in their head. Fruit bat wings are sometimes less hairy than vampire bat wings.

Yes they do see with their ears! When it thinks it hears something it swims away!!!! Yes they do see with their ears! When it thinks it hears something it swims away!!!! Yes they do see with their ears! When it thinks it hears something it swims away!!!!

The bat uses sonar and ecco-location to pinpoint insects by analyzing the bouncing patterns of sound waves in produces by screeching. It also analyzes the time those sound waves take to return to its ears. Its a very complicated technique, but the bat has mastered it, and utilizes it to 'see' as clear as day with sound.

A bat. Bats are blind so they see with their ears, look it up it's fascinating. Bats have natural sonar, but they are not blind..This is an old wive's tale.

See the image above for raccoon ears.

there are many differences between the owl and the batthe owl has a beak, the bat has a snout like mouththe owl has feathers, the bat has fur (very short)the owl has jagged edges in its beak ,the bat has teeththe owl has a larger wing span, the bat has finger like hooks at the end of its wingsthe owl has holes as ears ,the bat has earsowls eat mice and small creatures, the bat eats mainly fruit (some eat insects and drink blood)

The protrusions from the Batman costume's skullcap represent bat ears, not horns.

wings,fangs,eyes,ears for ecolocation,legs

To draw a skull with bat wings, simply draw a skull with the eye and nose holes. Then draw huge bat wings on the sides of the skull, where the ears would be.

A bat is suited for its environment because of its ears. Bats are blind. Their sounds bounce of objects that allow them to detect items that surround them.

because yolo lol just kidding, because the echoes the bat emits has a better chance of returning to the ear

Chee-a-bat-uh or Chuh-bat-uh not see-a-bat-uh

Because it is said that bats can not see at all. This is not true. A bat can see.

Yes, they can see. They can see as well as humans.

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