Does a change in one variable cause a change in anther variable?

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August 09, 2009 9:33AM

Supplemental: If there are different variables on two sides of an equation, a change in either variable will inevitably change the variable on the other side to make the equation true. Example: A + B = C, where A = 5 and B = 6, C = 12. If A = 7 and B = 6, C changes to 13. As you can see, changing A to 7 from 5 changed C, but not B. The good rule of thumb being, if one side changes, the other side does as well. -Jonathan C. Holcomb _____________________________________________________________________________

I don't know in what context are you talking about.

But if you apply this question to everything you know the anser is NO.

A change in a certain variable does not implies a change in another one.

This does not mean that some variables are not affected by others, but the statement cannot be applied to every variable.