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Slowly. And depending on what soda. A darker soda would be better to dissolve it.

so try and see for yourself kk

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How many weeks does it take for a soda to dissolve a coin?

it will never dissolve a coin!!

Will pennies dissolve in soda?

yes a soda will dissolve a penny in 3 days because of the acids in the soda.

What will dissolve in soda?

your teeth :) but it will take a LOT of soda

Does baking soda dissolve?

i think it does in baking soda

Does soda water dissolve in water?

soda is the best to do it in

Why does alka seltzer dissolve faster in soda?

this is a lie because alka seltzer dissolve slower in soda

Why does water dissolve a pill faster than soda?

It doesn't. Water can dissolve the pill fast, but not as fast as soda because of all the acids in soda.

Will soda dissolve a penny?

no no

Can soda dissolve meat?


Does a jawbreaker dissolve in soda?

yes it does. it will take about an hour for it to dissolve.

In what would an aspirin dissolve faster soda or wate?


How can a marshmallow dissolve in soda pop but not in water?

a marshmallow is made up of corn syrup which increases its ability to dissolve and soda pop is caffeine which can dissolve it fastest

Does alka-seltzer dissolve fastest in water or soda?


Does a vitamin dissolve faster in water or soda?

Soda is 99 % water.

Can soda dissolve a screw?

no are you sure????????????????

Can chicken dissolve in soda?


Does chalk dissolve in soda?


How do you Dissolve baking soda in hot water?

To dissolve baking soda in hot water one would need to pour hot water on the baking soda and stir it with a spoon. Baking soda that is dissolved has lessens the leavening action of the soda.

Do sugar cubes dissolve in soda?

Sugar dissolves in soda in about two minutes

How can you dissolve baking soda in water?

if you boil the water the baking soda will disolve

Does bicarbonate of soda dissolve in water?


Can any soda dissolve metal?


Liquid that can dissolve things?

soda and acid

Does washing soda dissolve in water?


Will caustic Soda dissolve polyester?