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They write the notes in a song; the melody. They sometimes also write the lyrics (words), but not always.

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Q: Does a composer write the notes or the words to a song?
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How do you write a hypothetical song?

With words, notes in music, and some instruments.

How do you write keyboard notes of malare song?

how to write keyboard notes of Malare song of Premam movie

What's the term used to call the creator of the song?

Songwriter, or composer. If you write just the words, you're the lyricist.

Did Adam Levine write the song Payphone?

Yes he did because he as we'll chose of words and he is the leader singer and song composer if the band maroon 5

Who is the song author the one who sings the song or the one who writes the lyrics?

The lyricist (writer of the words) and the score-composer (writer of the musical notes) are the song co-authors. The singer does not get credit for being the author of the song unless he has contributed words or music to the composition.

How do you write a song remix?

You have to copy a song and mix the notes and add some notes like change them up

How do you write an essay on a song with no lyrics?

with notes of music

who is the composer who used a violin in their song?

um pretty much every classical composer ever. It would be very unusual if not impossible to find a classical composer who didn't write a single song with a single violin part in it.

Another word for song composer?

song writer, composer,

How do you write a song if you are ten?

Think about funky words you know of in your life and write a song about it. Or you can rime words to make it a song..

What are the notes to feeling good by muse?

They didnt write the song they composed it

Who is the composer of the song When God Made You?

God. He planted it into the writers mind and made people write this song. hope this helped :)

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