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Q: Does a concave lens form a real or virtual image?
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What types of images does a concave lens form?

A virtual image.

What kind of lens can be used to produce a virtual image?

Convex lens produces both real and virtual images. But concave lens produces only virtual images for real objects. If object is virtual then real image could be produced by a concave lens.

Which type of image does a concave lens form?

Cancave lens always gives virtual, erect and diminished image.

How is the image formed by a concave lens similar to the image formed by a convex mirror?

In a concave lens the object always forms a virtual image. The convex lens also forms a virtual image.

Name the lens that always forms virtual image?

concave lens always forms a virtual image

Is it possible for a diverging lens to form a real image Explain?

No, it is not possible for a diverging or a concave lens to form a real image. It always forms virtual and erect image

Which type of image formed by concave mirror?

A concave mirror forms a virtual, magnified, right side up image.

What is the only type of image that can be formed by both a concave lens and a convex lens?

Virtual image

What is the difference between double convex lens from double concave lens?

Convex lens give a virtual & diminished image while concave lens give inverted virtual in rare case & magnified image.

What are the Lens that can create a real or virtual image?

Convex lens. Concave lens would give only virtual image for real objects.

What kind of image is formed by a concave image?

image formed by the concave lens will be erect , virtual and smaller than the size of object.

How do convex and concave lenses affect the attitude and appearance of an image?

Convex lens is a converging lens It makes the image real and inverted whereas concave lens is a diverging lens it makes the image virtual and erect.