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Does a criminal record follow you to other countries?

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Apparently yes it does follow you.

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When does a misdemeanor get off your record in Al?

If you are a juvenile the record will "disappear" at your 18th birthday. Other than that, your criminal record never goes away. It will follow you through life, just like your drivers record.

Can you follow other twitters from other countries?

Yes, you can follow twitter users from other countries reach by twitter.

How long does a criminal record last?

Adult criminal records are permanent. Some states allow expungement or other removal, but convictions never age off of a criminal record.

Does a criminal record show up in all states?

The system used for background checks access all states with regard to criminal backgrounds. Some information can also be gleaned from cooperating agencies in other countries. Years ago it was able to escape a criminal record. Today's technology makes that impossible. There is a centralized database of all criminal records. So if a police officers request it they can get all of your criminal history.

Will your criminal record follow you to other states?

Yes and no. Some states lack the funding to maintain statewide databases of convicted offenders and records may not appear for as much as decades. In other States, your criminal record gets sent to the FBI and US Marshall Service to be placed in the state wide databases. Same applies with DNA taken.

Who provides the most accurate criminal record check?

If you need criminal record from other company you can get that information first from search engine you can look There credibility on this website. but if you need more information you can go to police department and check criminal record from that company.

Can you adopt with a criminal record?

Having a criminal record is not enough to deny an adoption, but in the presence of other negative factors, or the absence of positive ones, it can result in the denial of an application.

Can you leave the country with a criminal record?

With a criminal record in Canada, you are in fact able, to leave the country. Although, with a narcotics record, it may be more difficult to enter such countries as the U.S.A.Within a certain ammount of time, legislated by you're local law enforcement detachment or Provincial Court system, you will be able to apply for a pardon in which case you're criminal record may be extinguished and you can then travel freely.Other countries I am unsure about the paticular legislation act for which the laws apply toward entering with a criminal record, yet for misdeminors and related crimes, you are able to travel within countries such as the United Kindom and Europe. It is best to carry a copy of you're order with you when traveling to another country as well as if necessary a written letter of consent from you're Parole/Probation Officer or the Provincial Courts.I hope that this will begin to set you on you're way with answering you're questions about traveling within another country while having a criminal record.

When does a criminal record go away?

In many countries, it never really does. Only certain portions of it may become sealed from 'public' viewing (e.g.: when you turn 18 your juvenile record is sealed - if you are granted an expungement, that specific crime is sealed). Other than that your criminal record is permanent.In the UK, it is current policy for criminal records to be stored on the Police National Computer (PNC) until you reach the age of 100, although some details may be stored for longer than that. However, whether you have to declare your criminal record (and whether it will show up on checks) will depend on:The reason you are being asked about your criminal recordThe type of criminal record check being performedThe age of offenceThe disposal of the offenceThe nature of the offence

What are all the other countries follow FAA?


Why cant you travel if you have criminal record?

You CAN travel if you have a criminal record - HOWEVER - if you are on parole or probation the court will probably place restrictions on your travel so that you don't leave the court's jurisdiction in an attempt to avoid the surveillance and control of either the court or your parole/probation officer. If you are referring to being prevented from entering other countries because of a criminal record - that is that nations privilege to do so. They have enough of their own homegrown criminals to dealwith without allowing anymore into their country.

Does the US still follow the Monroe Doctrine?

no, the US doesn't follow this policy, America is very involved with other countries. Imports and exports depend on socializing with other countries.

How does a criminal record affect ones future?

In several ways. Certain jobs may not be open to you,since a person with a criminal record cannot hold those jobs. Your ability to travel to other countries may be restricted- those other countries do not want criminals visiting there. You may lose your right to own a gun (depending on the crime) It could affect getting a loan, financing a car, getting insurance, renting a home, or being able to vote.

What can happen by having a lengthy criminal record?

A criminal record can affect you in many ways depending on many factors. The time since the last crime or conviction was, the type of crime, what you have done personally to rectify your behaviour. Having a criminal record and how it will affect you will vary from country to country but the following are some areas which might get affected. Respect from others, getting a job, getting housing, being able to travel to other countries, getting insurance. The list is not exhaustive.

Does the Philippines has the best criminal justice system compared to other countries?


Does Missouri have criminal record reciprocity with other states?

The Interstate Identification Index (III or "triple-eye"), maintained by the FBI as a part of the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) contains criminal arrest and conviction data for all states and the federal system. Any criminal justice agency can make inquiries of and receive information from the III. Therefore, it's not necessary for any state to have "criminal record reciprocity" with any other. Criminal record data is maintained nationally.

Will having a criminal record stop you from getting a New Jersey title insurance producer's license?

This depends on the severity of a criminal record. A felony could stop you from obtaining this license. Other offenses may not have an effect.

Can an old criminal record stop you from holding a pub licence?

Depends on where you live, or rather, where you intend to open the pub. In most countries, yes, but I'm unsure about America. Also, there are many countries who don't care and often the police can be bribed with beer or other drinks;)

Is it considered harassment if a coworker goes and tells other coworkers to not talk to you because you have a criminal record?


Can you get a firearms license if you assulted police?

No you cannot. That offense like other criminal activity will remain on your record.

Can an employer learn of a prospective employee's expunged criminal record through a fingerprint check in California?

Expunged means removed, therefore the record no longer exist and would not be a factor. If the party had other criminal offenses on record that were not erased then those would appear in background check.

Can you join the french foreign legion if ihave criminal record?

No. If you have a criminal record, you can't be part of it. Say, if you were catching a criminal, you would let him or her sell drugs. So you cant jin. That's it. Suck it up and accept it. There are othr ways to get other jobbs - it's not the end of the world!

How long does a misdemeanor stay on your record in the state of Arizona?

Crimes do not just come off of your criminal record. After seven years, you can have your crime expunged if you have had no other charges.

How does a lewd conduct charge in California Stay on record?

A lewd conduct charge stays on the California criminal record for the lifetime of the perpetrator. This type of charge and all other charges that were not expunged from a record, remain on the record for life.

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