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Does a doctor or an actor get paid more?


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September 12, 2011 10:22PM

a doctor. an actor entertains people, while doctors save peoples lives everyday.

Actors get several million per move they are in. They get paid more.


On average doctors get paid much, much more than actors. All doctors get paid an excellent salary both in the UK and the USA. You have to remember that at any one time over 90% of actors are unemployed (known as 'resting'). Of those who are employed the vast majority are jobbing actors who have low-paid, walk-on parts either in B movies or on the stage, or in commercials and corporate videos. Only the very very few who make it in blockbuster movies have anything paid comparable to all doctors. If you are the one in a million who makes it to the movies, and have a string of movie hits, then yes, you can earn a great deal. But the chances of this are very, very, very slim. Couple this with all the fame - and lthe stress and lack of privacy that this brings (if you don't believe me, ask any California shrink how many Hollywood clients he has...), and it simply isn't worth it.

If it is a toss up whether or not you wish to become a doctor or an actor, choose a doctor and work hard for it. The chances are you will make much more money and you will have a job satisfaction that is second-to-none, and be doing a worthwhile job helping people when they most need it - more than any actor can even aspire to.