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Does a drone bee sting?

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no because they dont sting at all and the dont have a stinger

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How does a drone bee sting?

It can't. A drone (male bee) cannot sting.

Is there a bee that does not sting?

Large drone bees do not sting.

Can a male bee sting you?

A male (drone) honey bee can't sting.

Does a large drone bee sting?

No. Drone bees have no stingers and are not aggressive.

Why doesn't a drone bee sting?

A drone doesn't have a sting. Stings are modified ovipositors (egg-laying tubes), an organ that males do not have.

A male bee whithout a sting?

A male bee is a drone, and it doesn't have a sting. All other bees are female, and they do have stings.

A male bee is a drone?

A male bee is a drone, doesn't have a sting, unlike a female worker. A drone's primary role is to mate with a fertile queen.

Which bee stings a girl bee or boy bee?

Bees come in 3 versions: Queen (female bee, only one per hive) - can sting many times. Worker - can sting once (the sting is barbed and comes away in the target - bee dies). Drone (male bee) - has no sting.

Do drone bees sting?

No they do not as they do not have a stinger. Only the females can sting (including the queen bee).

What bees dont have stingers?

There are some stingless species of bee, and in those species where females can sting, no male (drone) has a sting.

What is the name of a male sting-less honeybee that doesn't make honey?

The male bee is called a drone -- and it doesn't have a sting.

What sex is a bee drone?

The drone is the male bee.

What is a sentence for drone?

A male bee is called a drone.

Insect that looks like honey bee in Arizona you can hold them in your hand without being stung?

There are varieties of stingless bee, but it could also be a male (drone) because no male of any bee variety has a sting.

What is the job of a drone?

The job of a drone male bee is to manage the hive and mate with the queen bee.

What is the Masculine of Bee?

Drone is the masculine name of a male bee. Female bees are the worker bees or the queen bee.

Will a bee sting a dog?

The bee might sting, but it will only sting if provoked.

What is the lifespan of a drone honey bee?

The drone (male) honey bee lives 40 to 50 days.

What is the female drone called?

A drone is a male honey bee. A female honey bee is a queen or a worker.

What does te drone bee do?

The only purpose of a honey bee drone is to mate with a virgin queen - after which it dies.

What job does the drone bee have?

A drone is a male bee and its only function is to mate with a virgin queen - after which it dies.

Do bees drone?

No, bees do not drone, however the male honey bee is called a 'Drone'.

What kind of honeybee is a drone?

A drone is a male honey bee.

What kind of bees sting?

all bees sting except drone bees. they do not sting.

Is a bee sting acid or base?

a bee sting is acid a wasp sting is base