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Not in the part of the world where I live. Usually high pressure brings a clear sky and a falling barometer means storms are more likely.

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Q: Does a falling barometer indicate sunny weather?
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Does a rising barometer indicate sunny weather?

Yes, usually that is the case

How would knowing whether the barometer is rising or falling help you predict the weather?

If it goes down the weather gets worse. If it goes up it gets sunny and nice.

What is the best indicator of current weather?

The best indicator for current weather is a barometer because it tells you if there is rain or if it is sunny.

What does high pressure indicate about the approaching weather?

It usually means a period of calm sunny weather. Sometimes, it may be calm with a cloud cover.

What is the purpose of home weather stations?

Home weather stations are very interesting to have in your home. They give you the daily temperature, barometer reading, humidity, outside temperature, sunny or rain conditions. They are very informative and can be used as a teaching tool for children studying weather in science.

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yes. most days I always sunny.

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There are many sports that are generally played in sunny weather. The biggest sports that are typically sunny weather sports would be sports like tennis, soccer, and baseball.

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it is not always sunny in france it derpendes on the weather

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