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Child Support

Does a father have to pay support until the child graduates high school and does the mother have a legal obligation to turn child support money over to the 18-year-old who has moved out of the home?

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2006-08-14 12:30:58

The date that child support obligations are to terminate will be

stipulated in the child support order. Generally it will read until

the age of majority (18 except in Nebraska which is 19) or state a

specified age and conditions. Child support is for the

child/children and the parent who retains physical custody must use

it for that purpose. An 18-year-old for all practical purposes is

considered an adult and the child support payment legally belongs

to him or her. The custodial parent can either return the money to

the paying parent or give it to the named child. He or she cannot

withhold the money from a child who has reached the age of

majority, nor use it for their own purposes.

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